Monday, June 20, 2016

Engel Puppen Doll Find At Goodwill and Inexpensive Our Gen Clothing Ensembles on eBay!

Hi Doll Friends!! 

Look who I found at Goodwill just waiting for me on a top shelf...

Isn't she adorable! As you may recall if you've read my blog long, I found a lot of Engel Puppen Dolls on eBay a while ago and fell in love with them.

However, all four of them were blondes... So I kind of wanted to get a brunette after finding out they made them by researching the dolls on eBay. However, the brunettes are the most rare and therefore the most expensive... So when I found her for $3.99 I almost passed out!

She's made a bit differently than the others I got, I think she was made later because she wasn't made in Germany but rather in China. 

As I was re-dressing her in a fabulous new outfit I just got in mail from eBay, her head fell right off her shoulders!! Luckily I know how to fix them or I'd have probably cried. I tried fixing her three times by using the neck string she came with but I couldn't ever get it tight enough apparently because it fell off all three times. So... 

I put it back on with a zip tie and it's nice and secure now. 

Isn't she cute in her new outfit? I am naming her Patti after a friend who she looks a lot like and who've I have kind of been looking for a Doppleganger Doll of. 

So cute! 

I love her and the outfit. The outfit is one I got off eBay that is made by Our Generation. I only paid $2.27 for it including shipping. There are a few different OG outfits on eBay right now! If you're interested in them, I can provide you with the codes to find them easily. I just figured out a little trick to find specific styles! This one can be found by searching for "American Girl B515" and it'll pull right up. There is a socker outfit as "American Girl B517". There is the outfit that comes on Our Generation Maeva is "American Girl B525". There is a really cute sweater skirt & tight outfit as "American girl B524" and you can find an Our Generation Swimsuit as "American Girl B208". That isn't all of them but you get the idea. So go find some great Our Generation outfits at bargain basement prices!! I have sworn off buying Our Generation stuff at Target because... Reasons. (Not talking politics here but you probably know why...). So it's so nice to be able to find Our Gen stuff elsewhere!!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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  1. Yes, she is so adorable and lucky to find her family.
    I saw 4 Vintage Engel Puppen dolls and remember they were born around 1988 and so on.
    Year 1988 is so long time, about thirty years ago.
    They were in good condition, though.