Monday, June 20, 2016

Frann Goes To Flatland Church!

Hi Doll Friends!! 

After our fun road trip on Saturday, I decided I would take Frann Doll to church on Sunday! We belong to Flatland Church in Omaha, Nebraska, the best church in all the land! (I am sure all people feel same about their own church, right?) 

Here she is seeing Flatland for first time! I didn't take any photos inside... This time. Haha. I am getting more brave about shamelessly taking my dolls out in public but my daughter gave me "the look" and so I decided I'd wait till some other time and just let Frann stay safe in her bag at church. Next time I will be more bold! 

Next we ran by Goodwill. Cause you never know! No Dolly Finds but I did find a new yoga DVD to try out.

Then we ran by Micheal's to check out their doll clothes collection... Didn't see anything we couldn't live without though. Just too good a deals on eBay for same quality of clothes really...

They are closing out the Springfield line of clothes and they were all on clearance but nothing so exciting I wanted to buy them. They have Creatology clothes too but they are more expensive and so I haven't bought any... Yet. I want to review them so... Someday.

We needed to get gas in Jeep before we headed home.

I had to show Frann some of my favorite things on drive back home! Here is a little church on Church Road that I think is so charming.

And I bet she doesn't see these in Korea...? Or maybe they have them there too?

Tractors! Can't tell we live in Farm Country eh?

The High School in our town.

One of our favorite places to grab lunch after church! 

In case you're wondering how Frann was sitting up so high on the seat, she was sitting in this. It's a doll swing I bought for dolls but then discovered that, when attached to its base, it's too short for 18inch dolls to sit and swing in. My 14inch dolls can but... I'd kind of stuck it out in garage until I could decide if I wanted to try and alter it to work with larger dolls or just get rid of it... So, when I took dollies on road trip the other day I had hard time taking good photos of them enjoying the scenery on the drive. I had to hold them up to the window for them to see out! (Haha!) So I started brain storming how to make a doll seat for them? Then I remembered swing seat! I attached it to seat with S hooks and it worked like a charm. 

I need to figure out a "seat belt" because once when I was driving someone slammed their brakes in front of me and she flew out onto the seat! But otherwise it is great!

Someone asked me where I got the doll swing in one of my doll groups in Facebookland. I got it at Goodwill a while ago for $5.99. Here is what the base looks like. 

As you can see, I re-purposed it for something else once too... Used it as a hanging rack to hold clothes I was telling you about a while ago. So, see, sometimes when something doesn't work out for what you wanted it for, it can work for other things! Fun!

That's it for now friends!
Till next time!

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  1. Wow! I feel as if I were in the road to Flatland Church and on the way home. Nice weahter, nice friend.
    Lilly gave you "the look", which means she didn't like you to take dolls outside, didn't she? I totally understand her. My son also doesn't like my dolls as he must think that it is strange for adults to play dolls.
    We have to be careful in order not to make them embarassed.
    Anyway, thank you for taking me outside.