Sunday, August 6, 2017

Frann Doll Goes To Target!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

It's that time of year! The time of year that stores clear out last years styles and designs of toys and bring in the new items. It is a very exciting time for us Doll Collectors, eh? Exciting and expensive time I should say!

Why expensive? Well... Did I mention they clearance out last years styles and bring in new ones? Exactly! So you're tempted to 'Buy. All. The. Things." on clearance but are equally drawn to spend all your Doll Mad Money on the new items because "Oh. My. Cute!". You see my conundtrum?

As Frann was walking into Target she, of course, had to stop by the Dollar Spot! She found the Dr Suess books that a lot of doll collectors use both as Dr Suess books and to cover with American Girl Ideas printable book covers. Since we already had one of each 'title' (they are blank inside although they do have real pages) we didn't pick up any. Still, so cute!

Frann also spotted these doll sized magnetic letters. Aren't they cute? I am sort of regretting not picking up a couple of packs because they'd look so adorable on my my Mom's Vintage Wolverine Toy Fridge. Oh well... Maybe next time I am in Target they will still have them?

Frann Doll also saw these neat dinosaur bone kits. If you had a doll classroom they'd be really cute in it. 

Frann spotted these doll sized laval lamp nightlights. They'd be cute in a doll house if you pointed the 'plug' part away towards the wall. Added bonus being you can actually plug it in and have a nightlight. A bit spendy as a doll toy but still cute!

Frann was so excited to see Barbie!! She had to have a photo with her! Right?

It was so much fun seeing the Heart 4 Hearts Dolls on the shelves again! They stopped producing them for a while but due to market demand, they are making them again!

I kind of giggle to myself when I realized that I have (I think?) all of these in the doll house already... I can't help it. I love dolls. 

The smaller dolls by Our Generation and all their accessories are cute but... I am so not going there. I have enough stuff in my house with just one size doll (14 to 18inch dolls). You know what I mean? Still I know a lot of my readers might collect them and so Frann wanted to take a photo. Don't get me wrong, I have a few of the smaller dolls in the doll house but more as 'accessories' to my other dolls. 

This one item was enough to make me really glad I took Frann in! It's the Retro Convertable Car . It's one of those items I would never in a million years probably ever buy. Just because it's ginormous!! Also, not cheap although the price is a steal compared to American Girl doll items of the same sort. So it was super fun to get to take photos of Frann Doll in it. Doesn't she make the best Doll Model?

I am telling you, if I were to become really rich, I would have to buy a much bigger house if only because I might just have large items like this coming home. Because: Oh. My. Cute. The radio even works!! So fun. It seems really sturdy too and there is room enough inside for two dollies. As it should be!! I find it so annoying when a doll vehicle only has space for one. Who rides in a car alone all the time? A passenger is so much more fun. From what I understand, this car has a little trunk where a doggy friend can ride too. Awesomeness!

There were also doll scooters!! Again, if I had bottomless pockets of money I may or may not have a little fleet of these because they are totally adorable! So probably best my doll budget has parameters because otherwise I'd never leave any toys for the actual kids. Hahaha. When I saw Frann Doll on one of the scooters it made me chuckle thinking of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's Downtown video  where they go scooter shopping in the beginning. I can't help it, that video just makes me chuckle, it's like a little movie! 

So. Totally. Adorable!

Why yes, I'll take one of each, thank you. Hahaha. The colors are scrumptious... So glad they are starting to get the message that, just because it's an item for dolls, it doesn't need to be in a garish color!

See this Jeep? Cute enough but I don't think two dolls fit in them very easily and for the price I'd just spend a bit more and get the convertable. But that might sound like a horrible thing to say to all you Jeep people out there. You know who you are. (Says she who drives a Jeep). If it fit two dolls maybe I'd feel different. Not to mention the convertables dashboard lights up and it can play actual music.

Again, so much fun to get to show Frann in these larger items I'll probably never actually own. Who knows, Garage Sales happen but even then they take up so much space. The little RV is cute and, I think, might make a good option for someone who wants a doll house but don't have the space or budget to make a whole doll house, this would give a lot of play opportunities in the same way. If that makes sense. 

This Horse Stable is so utterly adorable. I actually had considered buying it several times because I have a lot of horses in my collection. Then I found my American Girl Doll Stable at Goodwill and it became less tempting... But I still think it's fantastic. So sturdy and so many cute accsessories... American Girl Ideas did a review of it and ever since then I've thought it would be so fun to own. But again, it's ginormous! So the AG version is likely much better fit in any case. Not to mention $80 is a huge splurge and would wipe out my Doll Mad Money for like a month or more. So... I am glad I got to take a photo of Frann Doll by it. Isn't it cute?

These are so utterly adorable. Ironically enough, I didn't buy one. I'll probably regret it at some point because I'll bet you dollars or donuts this will be one of the hottest items of the new OG collection and they'll go for a million dollars each on eBay. But... I guess I just wasn't in the mood to get one that day. In hindsight I totally should've gotten the turtle or the ferret. Oh well, maybe they'll be there when I go some other day? They are $6.99 by the way. Here are close-ups:

I had seen these pups before but never one that I wanted... Until I saw they had a Boxer! I totally bought one. So see, I did get a pet after all. 

With a couple of the new STEM dolls. I don't want the dolls but I totally want their accessories!! Haha.

New fashions!

New style ballerina... Such a pretty outfit!

"Um, yes, I'll take one of everything please." Hahaha. 

Look! They finally have proper doll hair brushes! Good price on them too. Well done Our Gen! Love the school set!

This teacher set is adorable too! Perfect for a Doll Classroom!

More cute new styles!

Another new style doll...

A shoe store!!! I don't think I'll ever buy it but I am SO making a shoe store scene soon. All you'd need is little shelves and shoes and I have both those things!

CUTE sleepover set!

Adorable retro set...

I think I showed this to you already. Oh well, a second look. 

This one almost made me spend with reckless abandon! I want this set!! Haha! Maybe I'll ask for it from Santa. The skeleton is awesome!!! All of it is awesome. Too many cute doll things!!

Obviously these handbag sets weren't a hit. I have plenty of doll bags and even a doll and matching 'real' bag I got from Frann once. So, I wasn't tempted even at 70% off. Neither, it appears, was anyone else? Can't win them all!

However they did have a few of last years accessory sets on clearance! I already owned the Bongo drum set  and so wasn't tempted even at clearance prices. 

There were also a couple of matchy-match sets for girls and dolls. I might just need to get me an outfit to match a dolly at some point... even if it's just a tshirt. Because fun!

I saw these Battat veggies (they are 'real sized' scale) and had to take a photo. Battat is the maker of Our Generation afterall!

This retro Strawberry Shortcake Doll made me smile. I had a ton of them when I was a girl!

I have to run! 
Happy Sunday!


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  1. How fun! I stopped in at our local Targets a couple of weeks ago, but didn't find much new yet in the doll aisles. Guess I'll have to go check it out again soon--or not, if I want to save my money! Those cute accessory packs are so hard to resist!