Monday, February 2, 2015

Vintage Toy Kitchen for 18" Dolls!

My children's Grandma, my husbands mother and Mom of my heart, when she built her House of Dreams (the house she waited 35 years to have because she was a military wife) she made a room just for my two kids. Her Little People she called them, and it was a magical room, filled with toys and books and games from both her and my husbands childhood. When she passed away and the house was being sold, I was asked if I might like any thing special to remember her by... I chose a few things, her favorite robe, her scarf collection, a favorite quilt and the toy kitchen I am about to show you. So, as you may imagine, I love it. LOVE IT. I love it because it was Moms, at her house for the kids and that my kids played with it when they were little bitty and I love that it just so happens to be correct scale for another thing I love, 18" dolls. I love that I will be able to use Mom's kitchen in my little doll blog. I have had so much fun taking photos of it with the dolls!

It's marked on the side "Mfd by Wolverine Supply and Mfg. Co. Pittsburgh PA"
So I also love that it was made in America! Very cool!

As you can see, the door has printed on grocery items in the door.

And it's very much a mirror to the real appliances they had at the time. Refrigerators, or ice boxes as my own grandmother would call them, used to be much shorter.

The stove is also very accurate. If you look on the top left "burner" is what looks like a pan lid printed on it but it's not supposed to be a pan lid. Stoves in this era had a kind of slow cooker built in to the stove that was recessed into the stove. So that is what that I supposed to be.

So much fun to put it all together with the dolls!!


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  1. What a special gift! It's so adorable!

    1. Thanks Loretta! I am just seeing this again and realizing I didn't answer!!