Thursday, February 19, 2015

From Goodwill to Gorgeous!!

Hello Doll Friends!!

As you all know, I am a bit of a Thrift Store Junkie. I just dig them! The song is even in my play list! I generally can't drive by one if I have a few extra minutes and a couple of bucks in my wallet. I digress... So I was at one the other day when low and behold what do I see but a forlorn looking Ariel laying on a shelf, feeling very lost and rejected by her former owner. (No, I am not being dramatic! How would you feel? Teehee.) She had a little $2.99 sticker on her leg, to her shame. So I had to rescue her and give her a proper make over and home in the Doll House! Here she is before her makeover:

As you can see, her dress is torn and ill fitting, she needs a proper bath and her hair is in tangles galore! She sas feeling pretty rough! I think she suspected she was in good hands when she looked around at all the other dolls having so much fun though... Things were looking up!

See her hair... The photo honestly doesn't do justice to what a tangled mess it was! Toy box hair to be sure!!

You can kind of see in this photo how matted it was underneath and on the front by her forehead. You can also see how her dress has torn lace. I think it was a dress made for a 14" Princess doll. I guess at least she had a dress! Lots of thrift store dolls aren't so lucky. 

See there is her price tag. It was the first thing I took off after the 'before' photos. Then I meticulously washed her from head to toe with a Norwex cloth so I'd get her nice and clean with no chemicals to worry about taking off her paint or whatever! (No I don't sell them, I just love them and they work so well I figured I'd mention!) Cleaning her up was actually pretty easy... Except the hair. I wish I had some magic formula for what I did but it's really about just taking a section at a time, literally, and, working from the bottom to the top with a doll wig brush, I worked it all out. A lot of Bloggers suggest using fabric softener and I was gonna do that as a last resort but I just worked through it with the brush. It too about 45mins to untangle her... But well worth the effort! Then I dressed her in a princess dress we had from Aurora and she looks great!!

Here she is with a few other Disney Princess and Me Dolls. 

This is Merida, Ariel and Aurora! We also have Belle but she was sleeping in my daughters room when I took these photos. They've all switched gowns from their original ones and I am sure it's driving you Disney purists mad but that's what girls do, right? They share clothes! 

Ariel had to try on the crown too! I am happy to report she is all settled in and feeling very restored and happy now. 

Thanks again for dropping by! We always love to see you at the Doll House!! See you next time! 

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