Monday, February 16, 2015

Children of America Dolls (or C.O.A.D. Dolls); A Great Little Sisterfor American Girl Dolls!

Hello Doll Friends!

It may seem we have nothing but new doll news here in the Doll House but this one is too interesting not to pass along! One of my favorite shops in all the land is called Tuesday Morning. Perhaps you've heard of them? They sell higher end items at good discount prices. When I want a frou-frou shower gift, I go to Tuesday Morning. So... I ran by there to pick up some of my favorite coffee syrup and low and behold they have a sale. Up to 80% Off clearance prices! So naturally I have to look a little. What do I see on the bottom shelf but a doll looking box. Intrigued, I pull out the box. Who do I see gazing up at me but Andrea, a Child Of America Doll. 

Isn't she pretty?
Children Of America Dolls? What is that? I had to know more so naturally, with her in the cart, I Googled her enough to know I was gonna plunk down my $6 and run out the door! I glanced around to make sure I wasn't missing any others and didn't see any. I wasn't completely enamored with them... Yet... 

I came home and Googled again. Apparently this is a company started by a woman who wanted to see more cultural diversity in the doll market and so set about making a difference by creating her own doll company! I liked her immediately! Her website is here:

So the first thing I did was look at the box to see what other dolls are available in the collection because why else would they put those photos there? Here is back of box:

What is strange is that the photos on back of box were 1) a bit grainy and 2) didn't look much like the doll in the box. Not that it matters really, it was just odd. I mean why put the photos on at all if they are so pixilated you can't see their faces?   Anyway, for what it is worth, here are the photos on the side of the box, as focused as I could get them. (Notice the outline of the photo is clearly defined, it's the photo that is fuzzy. 


I also took a close up of Mia by 'her' photo and she looks a bit different than the doll in the photo. Again, not a big deal, just interesting. 

Maybe it's just because they are a bit on grainy side but I thought they looked different enough to note it as I tell you about them. What is also interesting is that although you can find them here and there on EBay (I searched in researching this blog post) they are not really common. If you buy the same named dolls from the website now, the dolls look different, are dressed less fashion forward (In my opinion) but they come with a second outfit to make up for it. The more recent dolls are pretty as well which means, really, there are eight different types, four each of the old and four each of the new. Check the website to see the newer versions. 

Ok, enough doll review!

I went about setting up a living room scene so I could show you how these dolls compare with American Girl Doll, TollyTots, and HeartForHearts dolls. They are same height as HeartForHeart dolls. 

Here is Andrea with Panda (AG) and Violet (H4H) when she came home. As you can see, she fits right in! She is same height as Violet. Which in our doll house means they can share clothes!! That is a big deal in Doll Land! 

Here she is, all by herself! Isn't she cute! I love her little shoes. So naturally a party was in order! 

So... As I was happily packing up the room and putting them all away I thought "What if I missed one at Tuesday Morning?" So I went back this morning before my yoga class but, sadly, they had no more. Oh well... One is better than none I figured and off I went to deep breathe and stretch. As I am on the mat, I suddenly realize that very close by the yoga studio is another Tuesday Morning store. So, as soon as we were done with class, I zipped out of there and into the store. At first, nothing... Then, hidden behind a box in clearance I see the tell-tale purple box. I pull out the box and I see Mia!

Isn't she fabulous! I searched high and low for another one but she was all. Still, feel so lucky to find them and for only $6/each!! That is unheard of! They retail for $39.99! 

I was more careful as I unpacked Mia, because I wanted to show you. They come with a little tag on their hand with their name and an encouraging message on the back. 

The clothes seem very well made and the quality of the dolls seem top notch. They have soft bodies and a rubbery plastic arms, legs and heads. Their faces are beautiful and hair is pretty although not rooted all over the scalp. 

Their arms won't bend at shoulders, they are movable because the fabric has give but they are not jointed. The legs are jointed at hips so they can bend to sit down.

Here is the mark on back of her neck:

Here are her cute shoes:

I think their hands are perfect! So detailed! 

Even the bottoms are detailed! So all in all, very well made and good buy for $39.99 price point but clearly an unheard of steal for $6/doll! I will most likely keep my eyes open for the other two but for now, I am pleased as punch to have two of them!

 More to come in future posts of Mia meeting the other dolls but that's all I have time for right now! Thanks for stopping by! See you next time I hope! 

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  1. These are very pretty dolls. There are so many dolls out there that I've never heard of!