Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Doll Camping Trip!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So in my last post about my OG Camper find at Goodwill I mentioned I'd taken some dolls out for a camping trip outside but that my photo's had apparently not uploaded via the app. So I am back to show you the photos! I figured I'd just make a whole new post so I can also say Happy Friday! 

Who went on the camping trip you ask? Frann and Frank, Heather and Josh and Lilly tagged along too! 

See? There's Lilly hanging out in the camper. 

Here Josh and Frank are looking under the hood of the new car! Is that something all guys do when they look at new cars? I think it must be.

Frank decided to take Frann for a ride on since it was such a beautiful day!

Heather Josh and Lilly would stay at the camp ground and get the fire going for BBQ.

"Bye ya'll!!"

"Have a fantastic drive!!"

And off they go...

This is the first 'trip' the car has ever been on! How exciting!

They drove and drove and drove....

After they saw many sights, they decided to head back to the camp...

"Hi ya'll! Did you have a nice drive?"

Lilly had made some muffins while they were gone...

As you can see, puppy Zoey had woken up from her nap and joined everyone outside too! Josh asked Frank how the car handled on the drive?

Frank told him it was awesome...!

Frann said she'd get out and let Josh and Frank go on a short drive while she hung out with the girls...

They decided to open the rumble seat and take Zoey along for the ride. She loves riding in the car!

And away they went...

Soon enough they were back and Josh cooked some shimp kababs! Lilly doesn't like shrimp and had plans to meet a friend for dinner and so was reading in the tent with Zoey to keep her company. 

The kababs took very little time to cook and soon enough...

They were enjoying them.

Lilly suddenly realized how late it had gotten and jumped on the scooter to rush off and meet her friend!

Much later in the evening, everyone was famished from taking a long hike and so they decided to make burgers as a midnite snack! Isn't camping fun that way? Lilly went to bed early because camping wore her out!

Josh and Frank manned the grill while Frann and Heather got the sides and condiments ready...

What fun camping is, huh?

The burgers are almost ready! Look at those grill marks!

They got them all plated up and put the coffee pot on to warm up...

They were all amazed that Lilly could sleep through all their chatter! Even though they were trying to be quiet.... The fresh air must've just knocked her out.

"Do you both want ketchup and mustard on your burgers?"

They sat down to eat and talked late into the night around the little fire... What a great camping trip! Have you been on any this summer?

Better run!

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