Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our Generation Retro Cruiser Fresh Off Showroom Floor!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

You may recall the other day when Frann Doll went to Target. Well, soon afterwards I was talking to my sister friend Frann (real Frann who Frann Doll is doppelganger for) on Facetime and she said she had a some holiday money and she wanted to give me car I talked about in that post! I was so touched!! If you want to touch me right in the feels, buying me a doll item is one of the surest ways! It was such a generous offer! I humbly accepted because I know it makes her happy to gift things to people she loves. I am just honored and eternally grateful to be one of those people. 💓

 Thank you so much Frann!!! I love love love it!!! 

She didn't mind that I decided I wanted to get the gray one, once I found out there was a gray one. Don't get me wrong, I think the pink one is super cute too. However, when I choose items for my dolls, I always try and get the most 'realistic' items I can find. You don't see nearly as many pink cars as you do gray ones and so I just loved how much more realistic it felt. It still has the cute pink trim and I honestly like the 'chrome' colored grill rather than the gold color on the pink car. Because, again, you see a lot more chrome details on real cars than gold ones. You know what I mean? They are both adorable though. 

It arrived very quickly, days before I expectedit. However, I was immediately concerned because it looked like the box was crushed down. Not a good sign. 

And sure enough, there was a bit of damage. Bummer!!!!!

They were silly in packaging it, only filling the box up a bit with the air inflated bubbles... So when heavier boxes where invariably set on top of this one, it crushed. They should've marked it 'top of stack' or 'fragile' or something? As it was, I contacted Target via thier chat. I told them of my problem and said that sending it back would probably be crazy expensive. Also that my local Target didn't have the gray colored car and so it wasn't like I could take it back to store and exchange it. So we made a compromise. They refunded 10% of the price in a gift certificate. While I am not happy that there is a little scratch on my car, I felt that was fair. It's just a tiny bit of pink paint scraped off but since it's a brand new car it should've been perfect... So, I felt that it was a fair compromise. 

I really love this sweet little car... I've only gotten the chance to take these few photos of it but am hoping today after church to take it outside and get some good ones in the sunshine!!

I couldn't help myself, I had to make Josh and Heather doll the first passengers!! Of course Frann Doll will get a ride today when I take it out in the sun!! I also laughed at myself when I automatically put Josh doll in the drivers seat. That's the way we roll, for 27 years now... When we go places, Josh drives. What can I say, I am old fashioned or something. (Or maybe lazy? Heeheehee) I am actually just a nervous driver and so when I don't have to, I prefer not to. 

I'll have to come back and give you a more proper look at everything but it is one of the coolest doll cars I've ever seen! The radio works! The head and taillights work! The hood raises...!! And....

There is even a rumble seat for your pet or some luggage!! So utterly adorable!!

I had to have Heather and Josh go to the 'drive in'!! Here they are watching one of my favorite shows: Game of Thrones. If you saw my recent post about my custom Daenerys you'll have heard more about that.  

Low on time this morning! I better get ready for church! More of a review and better photos to come later! But I had to come and show you my amazing new car!! Thanks so much again Frann! You're so sweet to me!!

Till Next Time!


  1. love this. have only seen the pale pink one so far in a toyshop in Australia, for $150. hoping our usual OG seller (kmart Australia) will get it in as their prices are a little more attractive. did wonder how well 2 dolls fit in. we don't get my life as dolls here. do 2 American girls fit?

    1. Hi hi hi!! Yes, two AGs fit in! I'll do an update to this blog post with a photo of two in it. Great question! I wish items weren't so elusive for you or so expensive either over there! Although living in Australia was a dream of mine as a kid! I loved Olivia Newton John and so knew I needed to live where she was from. Haha.

  2. What a lovely gift from Frann! It's really neat. My hubby always drives as I never learned. Traffic here in Vancouver is insane so I'm glad I don't drive!