Friday, August 4, 2017

My Life As Doll Clearance and New Items At Walmart!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends

Happy Friday!! It's been a busy week but I've had time to stop into several Walmarts in my area. Why would I want to drop into several Walmarts? Well, one thing about being a member of several Doll Groups on Facebook is we all tend to, when we see a good deal on anything doll related, share that information with the group. Which is totally awesome and utterly dangerous all at the same time. Teehee. So for the last week or so I've seen many a post about how Walmart is clearancing out all of 'last years' designs to make room for the new stuff that is coming out for the Christmas Season this year. 

The longer I blog about dolls the more I begin to see the 'cycles' of the way they launch new items and I need to start saving up for this time of year. Hahaha. Because the deals, when you can find them, are amazing. Sadly, most of the deals had already been found in the stores I stopped in to. On the Doll Groups I'd seen many people finding the accessory sets from last year for $5.00 and I did find one peg that had evidence that there had been a sale. See the one that says $5.00? There is an outfit hanging there but it's just in the wrong spot. 

One thing I did see was a new color scheme for the My Life As Living Room Set. I, naturally, like this color scheme a little better than the My Life As Living Room Set I have. Ah well, that's how they get you, huh? I am sure they got a lot of feedback advising them that just because they are for Dolls they don't all need bright purple and pink!! So that is nice that they listened. 

This is how most of the My Life As Doll sections of most of the stores I went to looked. I guess I know they have to clear out the old to make room for the new but... Maybe they should get the new in first because can you imagine showing up wanting to buy a doll or some accessories and there is nothing but empty shelves? How depressing would that be?!

There were plenty of clothes. They really do a pretty good job with them considering the price point. I might be more tempted by them if I didn't already have nearly too many clothes to fit in the Doll Closet even though all 100ish (I stopped counting really... I should do that soon? Haha!) of my dolls are all fully dressed. What can I say? I love dolls. 

See? Empty, forlorn looking shelves... I laughed at how the little outfit was hanging there all askew by the head band it came with. Cute outfit actually and if I had bottomless pockets of cash I may very well have bought it even if I do have too many doll clothes. Teehee.

So I decided to peek online Walmart... Uh oh... There is so much cute stuff coming out!! I found a few things on my phone as I peeked around but decided to look online with my computer this morning and there goes my doll budget for the next few months! Hahaha! See below for a ton of photos of what I found. I want one of each of them. Hahaha!

I found the following on Walmarts website:

I found a few more things too but Blogger is being tricky and not allowing me to add the photos? Not sure what that is about so I am going to publish and try again. Wish me luck. I'll add them below this paragraph if I have success!

Better run!
Have a great weekend!

PS Not sure why it wouldn't let me post them here but check next blog post about the new Boy Doll Clothes here.

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