Friday, August 11, 2017

My Life As Doll Ballerina Doll Angie With New Face Sculpt!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I am catching up on a backlog of posts here... Apparent? As I mentioned in a post about going to Walmart last weekend, I found what I think is a doll with a  new face sculpt from My Life As Dolls! She is utterly gorgeous!

When I saw her, I didn't even pause, I just picked her up knowing I was going to buy her. I think she is stunning. Don't you?

See? She was the only one on the shelf so it was pure luck that I happened by and she was still there. She wasn't on clearance like the stickers in front of her say but I didn't care. It helped that I was on a mini-vacation and people do buy souvineers on vacation right? I don't care about tshirts or that sort of thing but this doll will always remind me of our trip to Missouri

I took a photo of her in the car I was so stoked about her. Haha.

Here she is on the photo on the side of the box with the two other ballerina dolls in the assortment. 

Here she is on the back of the box. See her third one over from left?

I love the footy PJ's one! And the preppy uniform on the new boy doll is cool too. I could've bought him at the same store and I had a moment of pause because he is pretty neat. And I am not a total brat enough to buy two! Not to mention I have the other two My Life As Boys and so I think if I buy another pre-made boy doll it will be Our Generation's new boy doll named Raphael.  I think he's pretty nifty. Bit of trivia, did you know that Our Generation/Battat made a boy doll before? His name was Jack and I have a couple of custom Our Gen's who look a lot like him in my collection because he had same face sculpt as the girl dolls at the time. The actual Jack is usually really spendy on eBay. I'd never buy one when I made one with a second hand Battat doll for a fraction of the cost. You know what I mean?

Back to this lovely doll.... Here she is with the box open. I didn't really want to open her at the hotel room but I couldn't resist!!

Here she is with the whats-its still sewn into her hair. They are such a pain to get off especially without my seam ripper. It's one of the very few complaints about these dolls. I think the quality is excellent for the price otherwise though and the hair is thick and amazing once you get them out so... It is what it is. Right?

So pretty in the sunlight in our hotel room window!

Here she is as she came out of the box. I love her little outfit! Very classic ballerina!

But she'd been in that outfit since the day she was produced and was glad to get a nice light summer dress on! Frann was along for the trip and lent it to her. Wasn't that nice?!

Here they are side by side. I was struck by how Frann looked an inch shorter than the new dolly...? As far as I know she's 18inches but I've never actually measured her? Perhaps the newer doll is taller? It is only now as I am writing this that I recall I wanted to do that. 

They are both so pretty!! I know I say that about 'all the dolls' but I mean it every time. Teehee.

Frann was also sweet enough to let her try on her new sun glasses. Aren't they cute on her? What new sunglasses you ask? Well, it occurs to me that the answer to that question is still in my drafts here in Blogger... So the answer will be forthcoming soon enough! 

So pretty in the sunlight. I took out her top bun and brushed out her hair. Lovely!

When we got home I changed her outfit into something a bit more trendy and took her outside to take a few photos of her. 

Here she is with the My Life As Soccer Player  I got the other day! I know... I know... I likely have too many dolls... I just can't help it. They make me happy and I have a lot of fun blogging about them so... It is what it is, eh? 

When I posted a photo of her on a Doll Group on Facebook another member showed me this doll: 

We think she's a new face sculpt as well. She's from Canada though and I guess they have different dolls than we do here. What is up with that? No fair! Haha! It'll be interesting to see if this girl makes it to the US stores too? I'll keep you posted if I see her!

I like her outfit! That parka! Adorbs!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

UPDATE January 2018: Just wanted to come back by and tell you this lovely doll's name. I named her Angie after a friend of mine that she looks just like! So... Meet Angie!!

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