Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cititoy Doll Makeover; Part One

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
I've been meaning to get this post finished for quite some time now... I've had this Cititoy Doll I found at a thrift store in 'near new' condition since back in 2015. I always thought her face was so pretty! 

See? Isn't she lovely?

She's got sleep eyes and is constructed much like a Journey Girl Doll, with plastic shoulders leading into a fabric torso. 

However, her hair left a lot to be desired! Literally! Because she needs a lot more hair!! Right?

See how sparse the hair plugs are? I had actually decided to donate her to Goodwill because I disliked her hair so much and I have so many dolls... But her cute face kept making me snatch her back out of the Goodwill box. 

Her hair didn't actually look too horrible if you styled it 'just so' but... I decided to just re-wig her. What did I have to lose at this point since I'd planned on giving her to Goodwill after having found her for like $5 originally. So... I put a totally different wig on her and she looks like a whole new doll. Stay tuned to part two of her makeover story coming to the blog soon!! Posting this will hold me accoutable for getting part two posted in short order. Sometimes you have to light a fire under yourself, eh?

Hope this finds you having a great Tuesday!
Till Next Time!


  1. It's nice to have projects! Maybe if I also had a project day to co-ordinate with your project day, we could both post on our blogs and spur each other along. Just a thought...

    1. Loretta! I love that idea! Accountability! Let's do it. You'll have to hold me accountable for the project I just mentioned I was going to finish, my 'playdoh maker clay foods'! Eh? What projects are you working on? Let me know! Maybe over on Facebook cos I am dreadful at getting here to computer to answer comments, as you can probably tell! Sorry it took me a few days to answer! <3

  2. OK, I'll let you know on FB! I find in the stressful time I have now, that doing dolly crafts unwinds me. I have a few projects I need to complete.