Monday, March 20, 2017

Creatology Madeleine From Micheals

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Sometimes I take photos for the blog with a specific post in mind and leave them on my phone until I have a chance to take corresponding photos later... Apparently sometimes I totally forget I have taken them and then not posted them. My fasting Thrift Shoppes for Lent has been good for me because it's given me a 'pause' in the influx of dolly items into the Doll House and allowed me to go back and look for things I might've neglected to post about. It happens! Given that blogging is a multi step process... You have to think of a post subject, set up whatever photos you might want to show, post them to blog (no easy feat sometimes given that the Blogger app for iPhone is a total dud!) then flesh it in with writing. So I guess it's no surprise that sometimes one or two of the steps happen and the rest get missed. Eh? Case in point?

My Creatology Madeleine doll. I own all four of the dolls in the Creatology Doll Line from Michael's Craft Store. How can I not when you can, with the 40% off coupon, buy one for only $15! Sometimes you can even find a 50% off coupon and get one even cheaper. I actually customized one of them into a totally different doll and so I may or may not go back and get another one of that sort to leave 'as is'... You never know. Teehee.

So Madeleine here came home in January 2016. I found these two photos of her in the box on my phone from back then when I was looking for another old photo. Apparently I photographed her box with intentions of writing a post about her after I got her changed into different clothes and whatnot and then never actually wrote the blog post. So... Better late than never. Right?

So here she is in regular 'street' clothes. Her outfit is made up of several different brands and bits from the Doll Closet. As you can maybe tell, she is wearing Journey Girl shoes and those do tend to work well enough for these dolls. 

I re-named her Jenn because she is a doppelganger doll of my good friend whom she favors. 

Here she is with Amara in front of a new photo backdrop I got off eBay of graffiti on a brick wall. Isn't it neat?

So I think the Creatology dolls are pretty great especially considering how inexpensive they are. Just fun simple little dolls that make great siblings or friends for American Girl and other 18inch sized dolls. 

Better run! Monday morning and it'll be time to get the family up soon. 
Happy First Day of Spring!! 
Till Next Time!

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