Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking the Dogs! New Photography Background for Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

If you've been reading my blog a while, you may recall when I got a Castle Photography Backdrop from eBay. I think they are so much fun because it's not always an easy thing to get dolls outside in perfect weather with the perfect 'scenery' in the background. So often it will be a pretty day but I have to work or it will be a weekend and the weather is rubbish... You know what I mean? So photography backdrops kind of let you bring the outside in the house. Handy!

One blog post I've wanted to do for ever so long was one about the pets in the doll house. In July of last year Frann sent an amazing box of doll clothes and pets to the doll house... I showed you the clothes both there and in my recent Fashion Show of Goofy the Doll Designer's beautiful creations that Frann has so generously sent me since we've become friends. 

However, I always wanted to do a post about the pets she sent. One funny thing that two of the pets were actually 'borrowed' by my daughter (she loves stuffed pets!) for a few months... She said "I know you won't be posting about the right away so I'll just keep them safe for you..." Haha. So they white doggy actually looks a bit more 'loved' than he did when he arrived in July. For these first photos, I put one of the dogs Frann sent and a dog that I got a while ago at a Thrift Store that is 'made for' 18inch dolls specifically. I think they look spot on, both of them, size wise... Don't you? The little Scottish Terrier is just right in scale to the white husky! (I think that would be the breed?) 

So when I got that castle background set up, I decided I needed a few more backgrouds. I found two I really liked and that the price was right on (I got them for about $5 each including shipping) and ordered them. They really are a great deal! Only trouble is they come from overseas (China? I think?) and so it takes about a month for them to arrive usually. So when the two newest arrived, I was kind of busy with other doll projects and I tucked them into a drawer and there they sat for a while. This weekend was crappy weather though (Winter came back!) and so I thought "Aha! Perfect time to pull out the new backgdrops!!" 

I really really love this one!! At first I wasn't sure I liked that it has a 'floor' or a porch in front of the backdrop... It meant the dolls would have to stand on the backdrop itself and... Well, I didn't know how that'd go? However, once I got it set up I love it!! It makes it look so real! Like the dolls are out in a park somewhere on the boardwalk. So cute!

Since the white puppy had his tags removed long ago, I am showing you the 'wolf dog' that I had kept upstairs in the doll room... I can't tell you how soft these cute little puppies are! You just want to hold them up to your cheek...! So sweet. Pretty too!

Here is the tag with the brand name. 

Here we have the two dogs back together!

Reunited! They were so happy! I still haven't named these cute dogs... Any suggestions?

I love them both and can't decide a favorite... If you're really observant, you might have noticed a Frann sent a kitty cat at the same time as the dogs. Well, that little kitty cat is still living in my daughters room and has become a favorite. I'll have to go borrow her back to show you sometime. So... Thanks again Frann for the great critters!! I love them! I have a 'dog show' with the dolls in the plans too... So keep an eye out for that! 

By the way, here is a the 'description' of the backdrop I bought for $4.95 on eBay in case you want to look for your own. There are oodles of different sorts! 

Better run!

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  1. Haha! Good to see doggies again. You are such a good story teller and have a smart memory. Thank you for sharing doll play.