Friday, March 3, 2017

Paper Jams Amplifier Speaker For American Girl Dolls

Happy Friday Doll Friends!

With the recent release of American Girl Doll Tenney the Doll Groups on Facebook have been all abuzz talking about her and her accessories. In case you haven't heard her story, she's meant to come from Nashville, write songs and play the guitar. So, naturally, most of her accessories are 'music producing' in their theme. 


As I mentioned in yesterday's post I am giving up shopping at Thrift Stores for Lent. I am only one day in and I am already wondering what I was thinking about...! LOL Kidding. I won't lie though, I was in Omaha yesterday and had to drive right by a Goodwill and it was painful! So, I suppose that means I am giving up exactly the right thing, eh? I digress. Well I only bring it up because I want to remind you I got this Paper Jamz Play Amp on Tuesday along with those cute little Valentine bags! I just didn't have time to get photos taken of it until yesterday. 

I thought I'd taken a photo of the front of the one I found before I unwrapped it but apparently I must've forgotten? So I stole this photo off Google to show you. I paid $1.99 for it and it was brand new. I wouldn't likely have even noticed it if it hadn't been for the recent Tenney talk on Facebook. It's funny how introducing a new idea for dolls can open your eyes to look for non-doll items that might lend themselves to the Doll House. You know? 

Here is the back of the amp/speaker while it was still in packaging. It's made out of printed cardboard and looks pretty 'real' honestly... The really neat thing is that the speaker can actually work! So if I put on a Doll Concert, I could have great sound for it! 

I showed my find to my Doll Groups because I wasn't sure it was actually the right 'scale' for dolls because it's a bit larger than the one that comes with Tenney's Music Stage. However, we kind of all agreed that there are plenty of large amps at concerts and such and that it was pretty spot on. I already had several guitars I'd gotten at the Dollar Tree. I just looked and thought I'd already told you about them but, alas, I must've missed doing that somehow...? They really are pretty perfect for the Dolls especially considering that Tenney's guitar is so much more expensive. I'll certainly have to set up a concert now if only to show you how cute the little guitars all are. Naturally they aren't as 'fancy' as the AG one but they even have a sweet little sound when you strum the strings. So fun!

Well, I am out of time for today! 
Till Next Time!

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