Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Frann Attends Women's Retreat at Camp Joy Holling!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Every year for about five years now I have been attending the annual Flatland Church Women's Retreat at Camp Joy Holling. It's a wonderful respite from the world and chance to re-connect with my church sisters and, of course, to have some 'quality' time with God. 

This year I decided to bring Frann Doll along with me... Because why not? I knew the camp was beautiful and since Nebraska basically decided to let us skip winter this year (not even kidding? Now watch us get a blizzard because I said that just now...) I would have a chance to take some beautiful photos!

There might have been a time once where I'd have been too 'shy' to take a doll along and take photos... Luckily my church sisters all know me pretty well and while I think a few of them might find me a bit quirky, I know they love me. So with no shame (or very little) I marched around the grounds in the early morning sunlight before breakfast on Saturday and took some photos with Franny Doll! 

Here is Frann by the little 'lake'...

As we were walking down to breakfast from our building I looked off in distance and was like "What is that...! It looks like a little mock old western town?!" I don't know if I am the least observant person in the world and it's been there every year since I started attending...? I suppose I could've missed it when I wasn't looking around for 'good photo taking spots'? It's a bit beyond the buildings the retreat is held in so who knows, maybe? Eitherwise, I sure noticed it this time. 

Frann Doll was like "Let's go check it out!!" 

Isn't it neat looking!!

We took photos in front of nearly every building!

Such a fun place. 

It reminded me of a movie set!

Now I realize that the buildings kind of look like 'Giant Town' with Miss Franny Doll on the porch but... I still had lots of fun taking them anyway!

See the building off in the distance behind this 'Tourist Office'? That's where we ate our meals... So I suppose I might just have missed this cute little town before in my haste to go and get my grub!

A doctors office! "Painless surgery"! Haha. Yes, I bet!

From what I understand the 'town' is actually where the kids stay when they come to camp here. There are twin sized beds in the buildings for them. Can you imagine? I want to become a kid for a few days just to get to go! Or maybe not, but what a hoot.

See how many buildings there are? So cool!

This sign made me giggle and so Frann had to have a photo by it. 

Then we went back to the Swanson Center where our room was and took a few more photos. 

It was such a beautiful sunny day! God is good!

Here is Frann looking at the view from the balcony on our floor. 

Here is our pretty room! We had three roommates! Just like a slumber party! You could get a room to yourself but what's the fun in that?

Here is Frann by a quilt that I just can't wrap my mind around how they made it?? The work that went into it blows my mind. 

"Lets go upstairs to the chapel!!"

The cross in front of the chapel is ginormous!!

And it's so peaceful inside... Great place to have a prayer and moment with God. 

We both loved this mosaic!

This is Frann on balcony overlooking first floor. Isn't it a gorgeous place?

Another neat mosaic of sorts...

All too soon it was time to go home... I had such a great retreat and was so glad I brought Frann Doll along! I heard just what I needed to hear from God... It's so wonderful how, as He promises, if you seek Him, you will find Him. This weekend was no different. 

Better run!
Till next time!!

PS I just noticed after writing this that the website refers to the Western Town as 'new' so maybe I am not as unobservant as I worried I might be... What a neat idea on their part! 


  1. I loved all the photos. I adore old time towns and what a NEAT idea to incorporate the decor into bunk rooms. Cool! I'd have loved it as a kid.

    1. Thanks Loretta!! I would probably find it fun to stay in them even now! LOL ❤