Monday, March 13, 2017

My Life As Doll Walmart Spring Fashions Photo Review!

Hi Doll Friends!

Just a real quick post here to show you the cute fashions I saw at my local Walmart a few days ago... I didn't buy any but there is one I really love and might go back for. I know that Walmarts, even in the same city, can have totally different selections and so I figured you might find it fun to see what was in my Walmart for the Spring Fashions! This is basically a photo review because after a weekend of technical difficulties, I am about five drafts behind in postings here. Oy! Gotta love technology! Right?

This raincoat set was cute, it has an outfit underneath. 

I've noticed this apple ensemble a few times... I am in love with it... But I have so many clothes already... Hmmm... Maybe someday.

I saw these 'basic' dolls too... I might end up with one of these as well. They are all vinyl unlike the other My Life As Doll girl Dolls, they are like the boys. They are also $8 cheaper than the other dolls... So... I will probably own one at some point or other. LOL

I did bring home a few things... Just not an outfit. I fell in love with these platform pink glitter shoes!

See? Here they are on Jenn in my recent coffee syrup post. Aren't they adorable!?

Then I found some black 'Doc Marten' type boots and that had to happen! Also this umbrella set I'd never seen before? This one came with a headband and actually matched one of the dresses in the Spring line... Cute! 

Here is Heather in the Doc Martin Boots. I had the red ones from last year sometime and so now Franny and Heather could go kind of 'twinsies' in their dog walking outfits from the last post. 

Better run! 
Time flies when you're blogging!
Happy Monday!
Have a wonderful week!

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