Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Generation "Cherry On Top" and "Be Speckled" Accessory Sets!

Hi Doll Friends!!

If you've read this blog for long at all, you likely know I love to to to Thrift Shoppes and look for Doll sized items. However, as I wrote about here, I am fasting Thrift Shoppes for Lent. It's proving a bit more 'painful' than I even thought it would be as I drive by them and wonder what little treasures I might be missing... But I suppose that's a pretty good indication a fast was in order, huh?

One thing about my giving up the Thrift Stores is that my weekly pocket money isn't being eaten up by them... I mean, sure you get good deals but if you go often enough, even Thrift Stores can add up to you spending all your 'mad money' at them. 

So I had a $20 in my pocket and decided I'd go and treat the dolls (myself? LOL) to a little something from the Our Generation line at Target. 

I loved the shoes and the apron and the fact that the outfit came with the cute domed cupcake plate and flip cookbook. So cute! It will fit right in with the OG Master Baking Set I got back in October. 

Aren't the cupcakes cute? If you look close on one of the counters in the Sweet Shoppe you may see one that I got in an OG set I got before but can't seem to find where I told you about it? It came with macaroons in it though. 

The other set I got was this great set of glasses for dolls! I love it!


Better run!
Till Next Time!

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