Sunday, January 19, 2014

American Girl 18" Doll Upcycled Laptop from Diaper Wipe Package

We made a laptop today!

Here is what we did:

The ingredients! Pages from Game magazine for pictures, plastic closure portion of disposable wipe package, fun foam, glue stick, clear plastic piece from iPod packaging and Stickers.

Cut out keyboard photo from magazine.
Glue to clear plastic part of iPod packaging. (You could also use other clear plastic packaging. Perhaps a cassette tape box etc)
Glue plastic part from wipes package over keyboard and glue photo of choice in spot for your monitor display. (Take the sicker off the plastic part and just rip it right off the packaging, it will even have glue around where you need it altougb I added more)
Add fun foam back to cover up the back of the advert you gleaned the keyboard from. 

Add some fancy stickers!

And done!

Thanks for dropping by! See you next time I hope! XOXO

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