Monday, January 6, 2014

Busy Day At the Sewing Machine and Craft Table! New Upcycled Ensembles! New Bedroom Background! Easy Upcycled Doll Chairs!!

Greetings Doll Friends!!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been online very little the last 36hours or so. It's so cold here where we live that school was was called off which means I am also off work at school! Which was like a gift! I was just thinking I wish I had just one more day to try a few more projects!! My wonderful and amazing friend M had come over this weekend to show me how to thread my sewing machine. I hadn't threaded it in like 15 years!!

What a difference a machine makes!!

Here is some of the Doll Posse modeling items I've made since the last post. I can't really take much credit though! Such is the power of upcycling!

Here is the highlight reel of the upcoming week here in DollWorld!

Three doll nightgowns upcycled from child's pajamas. I have one more pinned just need to stitch!

Upcycled an OshKosh dress into a dress and a short and top outfit. So far... Have lots of material left...
Made a Guess Jersey Doll Dress by upcycling a baby shirt. Made a matching belt by upcycling a watch band purchased by mistake once... 

This doll dress practically made itself! All I did was move the buttons over on a premie sized baby dress!

Last but not least is another easy one but I love how it came out. It was a 4T skirt and now it's a doll skirt and tote bag.

Then on the non sewing side of things, I built a (collasable) wall for the 'bedroom' side of the play background. We had changing the background room back and  forth between living room and bedroom but then I found this great big bit of great cardboard...

Since we have a new bedroom space I decided I would attempt to make some easy plush chairs I saw on MyFroggyStuff. I think they turned out cute! My DearDaughter thought they worked great with MonsterHigh Dolls too!

Ok, that is it I think? I will come back one by one on how to make each project and to talk about all manner of doll things! Have a fantastic day!! See you next time!! 

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