Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Upcycle IPod or IPhone packaging into 18inch Doll Shelf and Lunch Tray

Me, being me, who hates any sort of waste of good material, thought, after I finished the iPads I started thinking "So what to do with the rest of the iPod or iPad packaging?" It's made of very sturdy plastic and is surprisingly doll sized. Hmmm... What can we make for our dolls?

Lunch tray!
Made from this: 

Dear daughter made the awesome apple from cardboard! We are all about repurposing in this household! 

A doll shelf to fit with Velcro into your doll scene board!! All you need is the larger white plastic portion of the packaging from the iPhone and some boarder scrap booking stickers to go around the edges to cover up the words.

Be mindful as you apply the sticker to keep it strait at the top (at opening) and the rest will stay strait on its own.

Apply some industrial strength Velcro to the back in configuration to the same sized Velcro pieces wherever you might be hanging the shelf. (Kids make sure this is all ok with a parent, ok!!) 

Adhere Velcro to the back of shelf and in corresponding place in your dolls house background that you want it to hang. The Velcro means you can take it back off and hang something else there if you want a different look. 

Here is our shelf with a dolly sized rock collection on it.

Lastly, I mention the last bit of way I used the packaging in doll world but know it won't apply to everyone. We use my Grandmas jewelry box as a pretty dresser   (It even has operational drawers! Very small but they work!!). It's always been hard to set anything on top due to stain glass in middle. In comes the clear 'tray' portion of the packaging! I plan to look for little gold buttons to use as handles on sides. I guess every doll can use a tray for her things. Right? Waste not want not, that is the motto around here!

That's it! Now the girls are enjoying a nice hot fire while admiring their rock collection. Oh, and notice the adorable and impeccably stitched hand bag held by Shuri? Dear daughter came up with idea and stitched it all on her own. Awesomeness!!! 

PS If you're like me, your next question is "where did you get the fire place?" That will come in an upcoming post! Hope to see you there! Have a fantastic day!!

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