Friday, January 3, 2014

American Girl Doll Ensemble Upcycled from Girls Baby Onesie!

So I've talked a lot about Upcycling Doll Clothes from children's and baby clothes and so I figured I'd show you my favorite ensemble that I've made so far. This ensemble was made by Upcycling a skirted onesie in size 9months. I loved the skirt and that was originally all I bought the item for but after I got done with the skirt I looked at the leftover material and it was so cute so I started playing around with the bits, trying them this way and that and came up with the too out of the bottom of the onesie. The lower portion of the onesie where it snaps, that's what your seeing as the top with the buttons. I wish I'd have taken better step by step instructions but, at the time, I wasn't thinking beyond getting some cute items made for my daughters Christmas gifts.

This is the original onesie.

This is the skirt, top and head band.
This is the yoga pant (the jacket and white shirt are clothes my daughter already owned. I made the pants from the sleeves of the onesie after getting the idea here:


Here is the top with a different Upcycled skirt made from bottom of pant leg. 

Yeah for Upcycling!!

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