Friday, January 3, 2014

American Girl Doll Flatscreen TV Upcycle made from DVD Box!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Lovers!!

As I've mentioned before, we love My Froggy Stuff on YouTube (and Facebook!) because they have such fantabulous ideas on things you can make for dolls out of items you generally have around the house! 

Case in point? A Flatscreen TV for your 18" dolls made from a DVD box! 

Here we have Panda watching the Saige movie on our doll Flatscreen!

It's so easy to make one! Just find a nice DVD box (new and shiny if you can find one!) and a photo you want to be the movie on your TV. Using DVD insert as template, I cut out a photo from the American Girl Doll catalog, inserted it into the DVD cover and hung it up. Looks great, eh? 

Just in time for a slumber party!

Thanks for stopping by! See you in next posting I hope!


  1. Okay - I have got to try this! Love My Froggy Stuff too! Thanks for sharing ^_^

    1. Thanks ! I love My Froggy Stuff! I don't think I have nearly as much patience as she must though! Some of her projects are made of like paper and coffee stirrers and end up being like furniture! Magic! But even if I never try some of the stuff she's a great inspiration!