Friday, January 3, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Find for Upcycled American Girl Items!

I've wanted to post about my finds at Target Dollar Spot! I've heard from others it's a good place to pick up doll items!!

Here is an upcycled doll sweater made from a Dollar Spot dogs sweater!! The hat and scarf Saige is wearing are made for dogs too! The hats had little holes that needed closed and I had to sew a hole for tail in front of sweater but they are pretty cute considering! I bought hats and scarves for all the girls who came to my DearDaughters birthday party because a buck per is pretty good! When you find them clearanced out, even better!

Also at Dollar Spot I found this cute elf looking skirt! It was made for dogs but it's pretty cute on a doll too!

Here are a few more items I've found there:

Markers and glitter pens in doll size!

Here is the Doll Posse doing homework with the pens.

Then I found this organizer for the end of the doll bed I made. (See past blog!) 

It holds all thier little bits very nicely!

Keep your eyes out at Target Dollar Spot! They have great stuff sometimes!

Thanks for visiting! See you next time I hope! 



  1. I still find it hard to believe that Target was once here in Canada, and I enjoyed the dollar spot while it was here. But it's now gone and so we are bereft again.

  2. I feel your pain to a certain extent... Sears Canada has a doll line called Newberry I am in love with but can't get even thru mail order. What is up with that? I mean we are practically a stones throw away from ya'll. I used to live in South Dakota when I was a teen and I still recall that people from Canada would come down on holiday and buy all manner of suitcases and such because it was, to them, so much cheaper. (I worked in suitcases and kids clothes and heard it in both departments)

  3. PS I hope that didn't come across as whiny "Whats up with that?" I was just trying to be like "It's not FAIR!" with you. Haha

  4. Heather, in scrolling thru this post again I happened to notice that you had replied to me. Well, it only took me 4 months to notice. I've since figured out that I need to click "notify me" in order to see replies.

    1. Hi Loretta! Well you are certainly not alone in missing comments and I never noticed the 'notify me' button until you just mentioned it. LOL I am going to start using it too. :)