Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doll Orphan Joins the Doll Posse!

The Omaha Flea market, I took DearDaugter there this past Sunday in hopes she might find an acceptable doll in the Doll Section. That is where I found her 'new' BFC INC doll Saturday and instead of taking every cent of her ~$40 in Christmas and Birthday money to Target to buy ONE Monster High Doll like she wanted to, I wanted to show her the power of her dollar in the second hand market. 

We hit Doll Section there and low and behold she is able to find FOUR dolls she is pretty thrilled with for under $20! All fashion sized dolls, which DearDaughter is really into as much as 18" Dolls. She was happy and she still had half her money! 

While she was shopping, I glanced around. Hmmm what is that laying on the table over there?? Looks about same size as the BFC Doll I got... Perhaps I had missed one yesterday?

I go pick her up. She hadn't  been cared for well all that well...

She has makeup all over her face, even on her teeth...

Her hair is a total frizzy mess braided into a huge braid...

Her torso was also a bit 'loose' at her chest 'joint' and so she had trouble holding herself up strait on her own.

Still her dress was pretty and her shoes were both there and her face, despite the makeup, was very pretty. I decided she was worth the $6 the proprietress at the Doll section was asking for her. 

We took her home and washed her up with warm washcloth with mild soap. We took out braid and slowly (slowly!) worked doll brush thru her hair. She has an interesting hairstyle in that she originally must've had a bun or pony tail on top of her head. So she has a small, shorter, bit of hair right in crown of her head. So I can see why a child might've struggled to keep her hair tidy. I actually even trimmed a bit off bottom of her hair because some of it was very jagged at the ends. DO NOT CUT DOLL HAIR WITHOUT PERMISSION KIDS! Ok? I figured I could risk it because she was only $6 and how much worse could I make it? 

Then, around her wobbly chest level joint, I performed a bit of Doll Surgery! Yes, that's right. In the form of (pretty blue) electrical tape applied around her to hold her erect. Kind of like fusing her spine because she now can't move in that joint area but it keeps her from being a hunchback! I, after taking these photos, wrapped a bit more of the tape around and it looks like a blue bra to match her painted on white panties. 

Moment of truth!! Put back her original dress to give you instant clue who she is because the yellow dress is pretty well known...

Here she is! Belle from Disney! She didn't come with pink coat but it's winter and it looked cute and accessories make the outfit, right? 

Apparently Disney released a whole line of 18" Princess Dolls! I was completely unaware of this! No judging, it is in best interest of my pocketbook that I don't have such information. Trust me. 

The original line of dolls looked like this. I will be looking for them in future when I am happen upon a second hand doll selection! They are very pretty!

Being Belle, she wanted to set to reading immediately! Here she and Isla are reading together.

She seems to fit right in. Here she and Shuri and Rose are wearing their new night gowns for bed. 

Then she set to modeling new items I made almost immediately! I am so glad to have her because her body type is nearly just like the BFC INC doll we recently got, which has become a favorite of Dear Daughter. So I have a 'fit model' and she still had the other one in her room to play with all the time. Win win!

Here she is, rocking a new ensemble I Upcycled from an OshKosh dress!!

She fits right in with the Doll Posse!!

Thanks for visiting! See you in next post!

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