Sunday, January 19, 2014

American Girl Doll 18" Doll Bench Upcycled From Bill Box

Upcycled Bench I upcycled from a bill sorter we owned but never used. I had put it in the pile for Goodwill but then glanced at it and noticed it was a nice heavy wood piece. Hmmm...

 It reminded me of those fancy wood benches if I could only get those slats out.

I had nothing to lose since I had planned to just donate it anyway so it made me bold. Bold enough to just pry into the wood holding the slats in off with a putty knife. It came off in three pieces but I got it off! 

To get slats out, I had to break them but once they started coming out it went really quickly. 

Now I needed a cushion... 

I still had leftover bumper pad that I had kept to try and make a couch or chair or something...


Pretty good for something I was just going to give away!

Thanks for dropping by! See you next time I hope! XOXO

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