Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Omaha Flea Market BuildABear! Clothes fit American Girl Doll 18" Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations!!

I was chatting with my daughters friend the other day, about dolls, specifically American Girl Dolls, since she is a prior American Girl Model and has six of that brand of dolls. I figure this makes her an expert, right? She advised me that Build-Bear Fashions work pretty well for American Girl Dolls! Interesting information, I cataloged it in my brain for future reference. 

As I mentioned, Dear Daughter and I went to the Omaha Flea Market this past Sunday. (See last post) As we were walking out, well pleased with our purchases, I walked by this stall.

I'd walked by it often, thinking it was cute but bears have never really been my thing... Except now it took on new meaning!! The clothes fit American Girl Dolls huh? Uh oh... This could be dangerous information!! Ha!! Just kidding, I am focusing on making my own doll clothes. However, not every Mom has time or inclination to go sewing doll clothes, even if it is easier by Upcycle. So an inexpensive doll clothes source? You betcha I am gonna pass on that information!! Now... I know at the mall those little outfits can cost a bit of money... So I asked the proprietor now much each outfit was, without the bears? They are $5 each!! Being that it's a Flea Market, I am betting if you want to buy several, you could probably even get a discount (don't quote me, I didn't ask but it's a flea market and bartering is the name of the game!). 

Look at the selection!! I don't plan on ever buying pre-made doll clothes again or I'd have been very tempted myself. Especially with the TKD Outfit that comes with all color belts! Cute!! Now... I haven't actually tried any of these on a doll so it might do to take your doll with you and try on or buy one or two and see for sure how they fit. Also, being as they are made for bears, they often have the little 'tail hole' but that can be stitched up in no time or even safety pinned closed. Worth it for $5 an outfit! They seem to be reasonably well made, for premade doll clothes. (I am not thrilled with the quality of premade doll clothes available but that is yet another blog post!) I am a tough critic and I'd buy them should I be in market for new premade ensembles for my dolls.

I suppose there are some of you who might actually want to stuff a bear or animal and get outfits for it and that is ok too. We are a doll blog but we have nothing against Stuffed Critters either. At $15 for the entire package, you can probably afford to go get a Happy Meal too! 

I realize this blog post will only help Omaha locals but it was too good not to pass on. The Flea Market is open Saturdays and Sundays by way. I am also not connected to them in any way other than a shopper... I realize I plug them a lot but when summer comes, I'll be 'plugging' Garage Sales then too. I am all about the second hand market for dolls and toys...! But that's another post!

Have a fantastic day! See you next time I hope!

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