Saturday, January 4, 2014

Great Day in Doll Land! New Member Joins Doll Posse! ((Plus! We Upcycle Girls Top as a Doll Dress for her!!))

    So after the somewhat dramatic morning in Internetland, namely Facebookland, I decided a day without both would be in order. This afternoon I went out to indulge in a little retail therapy. For me that means going to one of my favorite thrift stores and the Flea Market with small bit of cash and an open mind. 

     At thrift store I found quite a few bits for my stash of baby clothes to convert into doll clothes in their 99c sale. Then I went to the flea market and found a few bits more for 25c each! Score! I also decided to go ahead and buy the second chair to match the one I got for DearDaughter for Christmas. They were a steal at $5each (sorry folks, I bought the last! Although she had one with a heart shaped back that I was tempted by...) and while before Christmas I'd decided it was too extravagant for her to have two, since she'd have to store them in her already pretty full room. Since we've become full fledged citizens of DollLand (we bought real estate, look, we built a house!) I figure why not one more chair? How's the Doll Posse supposed to entertain after all?! 

   At the flea market there is a huge doll and toy area that's usually always there but it sells mostly Barbie and Brats dolls. I go over and glance around just to make sure there wasn't anything new and what do I see but this beauty!!

We have a 'new' doll!! Meet Ashley!!

She was $4 and DearDaughter advises me she is a BFC INC Doll. She is the same height as the American Girls (etc) but she's got a fully posable plastic body and is much slimmer in build comparatively. DearDaughter named her the minute I walked in and was totally stoked we were adding one of this sort to the Doll Posse!! DearDaughter watches a lot of 'My Froggy Stuff' on YouTube and they have several of these in their awesome doll skits. Ashley came dressed in the Minnie Mouse dress and ears you see here as she is being introduced by Saige. Note also there are now two of that sort of chair. Teehee.

    The Minnie Mouse dress is actually American Girl sized and was a very awkward fit on Ashley. When I got her home and DearDaughter got to changing her out of her too large clothes, we discovered she also has a bathing suit on which appears to be original to her since it fit her perfectly.

Look! Friends already!!

We went through our doll dress stash and didn't really find anything we liked the way it fit at all... So I told DearDaughter to choose something from the stash of things to convert and we'd fashion something for her. 

She chose this yellow summer top in girls size 4T with ruffles. I bet you can see the dress in this as easily as I did. So we set to work. I fitted the dress to her after cutting it open at the seam and pinned it and sewed one seam up the back. Then I figured out where the middle of front was and attached the ribbon with thread, placing the cute button (from my button stash, I cut them off of cute clothes when they get stained and head to rag bag) in center to cover stitches and to make it look finished. The coolest part was we had enough left over to make a dress for Kimberly too! 

Here they are in their new finery!

Thanks for stopping by! See you in the next post I hope! 


  1. Your dolls always look so sweet in their new dresses!

    1. Oh thanks!! I need to get my sewing machine back out and get to altering the approximately 1,298,029 items I've bought to make over into doll clothes. Hahaha. Ok... Maybe not quite that many but... Close!! Just too many dolly things to do!