Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to make IPad for 18" Doll by Upcycling IPhone or iPod Packaging

So I have been watching a whole lot of videos on MyFroggyStuff on YouTube and have learned a lot and had so much inspiration!! So, per her idea of using ads to glean pictures of electronic devices to use to make mini versions for dolls, I had been considering how to make an IPad for the dolls because it is nearly like a television in today's world and to play properly my girl needs one for her dolls! I wanted it to look very realistic and be durable enough to really play with when her friends come over. Hmmm...?

As fortune would have it, I happen to know three people who have recently gotten IPhones or iPods and let me have their packaging material! They all come with stickers on top of the product that look JUST LIKE doll sized IPads!! Well, ok, not if you look really really close but this is dolls we are talking about and a FREE project if you can get the packaging so... Here we go:

This is the finished products. As you can see the two on the left have stickers that are a touch smaller, those are the ones from the iPods, the other is from the iPhone. 

Step one

Take apart your packaging. Try and keep the sticker sticky and free of lint but if not, you'll be using glue stick anyway. 

Step two:

Cut the tabs off the sticker even with where the black part ends. 
Step three:

Glue to some glitter craft foam (or whatever color you want your IPad to be). Be generous with the glue stick glue!! You want it stuck on! I found it worked best to glue the sticker side generously and stick it on the foam because if you glue the foam side first, the little hole space (where the engage button on the real iPod would be) has glue on it and it smears on top of the surface. I speak from experience here having made three of these now. Teehee.

Step four:

Now slather on glue like there is no tomorrow on the plastic portion of packaging that has the tabs (see photos, you'll have to look at the packaging and you will find it) in the area where the IPad sticker/glitter combo will go. Be generous with the glue! P

Step five

Now slather glue on the glitter side. The reason for doing it second is it is going to ruin hour glue stick for much of anything else. See photo. I also speak here from experience. Teehee. 

Step six:

Let dry for 24hours before any serious play. And, in the words of MyFroggyStuff, "Now you're done!"

By way, if you have flaws in material, improvise! One of our stickers got the sticky of another packaging item stuck on and I couldn't get it off without ruining the sticker (or I might've and why risk it!) and so I improvised a solution:

That's right, Sharpie marker to the rescue!

Thanks for stopping by! If you make one and don't mind sharing a photo, I'd love to see it! Have a fantastic day!!

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