Friday, October 2, 2015

#GirlsLife 18 inch Harper Doll by Jaks Pacific from Kohl's

Greetings Doll Friends!!

Guess who came in the mail on Thursday?? 

That's right!? Harper! The #GirlsLife Doll I bought the other day online out of pure curiosity because I ran across her on a total lark and she was on sale... And she was pretty... and she was on sale... and and and... Well, it had to happen. 

Here she is in her box. 

With the little description of her personality! 

Here is the back of the box. 

With close up of the little story about her. 

A closeup photo of the dolls on the back. 

The top of the box. It wasn't all that difficult to open once you realize that the side is supposed to open. I didn't realize that immediately and I kind of had to take box apart.... Teehee... 

She is really cute!!

Here is the ties and stuff on the back of her cardboard insert. 

Look at those eyes!! Gorgeous!!

One thing I loved about the packaging is that instead of cable ties and plastic bits, they used this twisted paper string and real thread. 

This was a bit disturbing, I wont lie. One of the paper strings went right thru her head!?! Ouch! Poor dolly!

Then she had the somewhat customary plastic strips sewn to her hair in the back so it'll stay nice in the box when she's on display. Reminds me of the 1990's when they had those 'Glamour Shots' and they'd pile all your hair forward so it looked like 'big hair' but the back of your head looked ridiculous with nothing but bobbie pins holding it foward! 

Her hair in front was pony tail tied to her arm. 

Now this I didn't like... Look at the bottom of her shirt. I'd say "Look at the hem of her shirt" but that's just it, there is no hem! No hem! Just a rough raw edge of fabric that is bound to unravel and not look very nice for long at all. Not cool. For a doll that's regular price point is $49.99, that's pretty bad. Otherwise the shirt is made well but... That's pretty bad. 

"Aaaaaand she's outta the box!!" (Imagine Gracie and Mommy show... Have you seen them? No? Oh, do go check them out: Mommy and Gracie Show because they do great doll reviews!!

She reminds me a lot of the Disney Princess and Me Dolls. That could be because I think they're made by the same company, Jax Pacific. They also made the Fancy Nancy Doll and make quite a few other kinds of dolls and toys too. 

Look how long her hair is. The hair quality is so-so... I suspect unless I braid it and treat it well, it'll be a tangled mess before too long. 

Here she is as compared to some more familiar dolls, an Our Generation 18" doll and a Famosa Nancy 16" doll. 

Upon removing her little shoes, I noted some small dots on her feet from ink transfer. Bummer. 

And again with the poorly made clothes! Look at the top of those tights?! No finishing on the top and elastic on the outside and not long enough to cover her 'panties'. Ugh. Not cool. 

Then just when I thought I couldn't dislike the pants more, I nearly had to rip them to get them off her feet. No child could do this without a lot of help from a parent. A patient parent. Toy makers, hand these dolls to a child to review before you set the prototype as good, ok? *sigh* 

Then there was this. So weird!! Her legs were literally wrapped in shrink wrap plastic. I am pretty sure it was so she wouldn't end up with stains on her legs from her cheap leggings so I have to give them points for that. Still, it's different than anything I've ever seen before!

The plastic goes clear up into her leg joints.

Her body isn't like the Disney Princess and Me dolls afterall. She doesn't have the joint in her chest like they do. Which is good because as you can tell with Belle, that doesn't always hold up too well. 

So I like her body design better than the Disney Princess and Me Dolls. 

Here is the stamp on her back. 

And on her head. I think I stumbled on these dolls the same year they were produced... Because they are stamped 2015. 

The plastic on her legs was NOT easy to remove. They had these little perforations in them that I think were supposed to make it easier but they didn't work at all. You have to literally peel it off in strips and it's this hard plastic! Glad that they made an effort to keep her stain free but... Well... I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I guess if you don't mind a doll that takes you nearly 30mins to get ready before you can actually play with her, it's fine. 

This is one feature I LOVE. They designed her legs to go forward when she sits down. That is nice. Most 18" dolls have to sit in the unfortunate spread eagle in order to sit down. 

I don't think I've seen leg joints like hers before. One drawback is that can't make her leg go backwards, like to make the splits. It simply won't move backwards at all. 

She stands really well on her own to feet though, even on carpet!!

All in all I think she's a pretty good doll. For the $39.99 I paid, she was worth it to have her in the Doll House. I am not sure if I'll end up getting my 2nd favorite from this doll line or not. I am getting to where I have quite a few dolls and so I need to REALLY LOVE a certain kind of doll a LOT to have more than one. Like my Tolly Tot dolls or my Our Generation dolls or my Journey Girl dolls... Oh... Wait... 

I think she will fit right in when we move and can get into the Doll House again!! What do you think of her? 

That's it for now. Till next time!

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