Saturday, October 10, 2015

BFC Ink Clothes for Sasha Doll Zoey

Hi there Doll Friends!

Recently the kids and I went to the Flea Market and stopped into our favorite vendor, a lady who sells random toys. She often has Littlest Pet Shop toys in either bags or by the eaches to make my daughter happy and often has Lego Mini Figures for my son. She also often has random doll clothes that she generally charges about 50cents a peice for! So I always ask her about doll clothes. Her son brought out this set. She said it was a $1. SOLD. I wasn't even sure who it would fit, if any, of my dolls but it was such a cute outfit, I figured it would fit someone! Helps to have a bit of a diverse doll collection. Teehee.

As I was glancing through my dolls and glancing at the outfit, I immediately noticed how perfect it would be in size for Zoey, my Sasha doll. In case you haven't read the story of her homecoming, you can find it here. She will probably always be one of my most amazing 'finds' and I will never ever get rid of her! Love her to bits. 

The amazing part is the shoes fit like they were made for her!! So cute! I had to know more about this outfit?! It fit so well, I thought "Whoever it was made for, I am certain they made more!" and so I did some research, starting with the stamped letters in the shoe. The internet is an amazing place because in no time at all, I had found this:

It was a set made for the BFC Ink Dolls. They are hard to find clothes for and so I am pretty sure unless I find another random set at a thrift store, garage sale or flea market, this will be my only set. Bummer! I wanted to get Zoey more shoes!

Look how well they fit!

This little bit of information is what helped me find it. Did I mention the internet is awesome?

Here is a photo of a BFC Ink doll wearing the shoes. I actually own this doll and own that little swimsuit. In storage. *sigh* 

Isn't she lovely in it!? Such a fun find!

Till Next Time,

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