Saturday, October 10, 2015

My 'New' My Friend Mandy From My Husband

Greetings Doll Friends!

My husband went to the barber last weekend and it happens to be right next to my favorite thrift store. I wasn't able to go with him that day but he is sweet and went in and checked around for dolls or doll related items. He said he didn't find anything at all until he was just about to walk out and he looked behind the counter and saw this beauty!

She is in great shape for her age! Her cute little outfit was probably made from one of the patterns that came with the dolls originally. My husband knows me well because he knows that My Friend Mandy is the doll that started the doll love in me originally! I have my original one and my original Jenny too! I am playing with the idea of re-wigging this one in a totally different color hair... They had a redhead doll but not a rainbow colored one! Who knows... It'd be hard to cut off all her hair because it's gorgeous!

Her face was a bit dingy from not having been washed properly in a while but she is beautiful!

He got her for $1.97!! Sweet! I can't believe she was still there after so many markdowns!

I love that they have doll shoes on her that aren't orignal but that fit perfectly. They are the type you normally find on porcelain dolls.

I'll need to clean her up a bit but I am so glad he got her!

Till next time!

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