Saturday, October 10, 2015

Journey Girl Scarlett (Aka Dana) Comes Home to the Doll House!

Hi There Doll Friends!

I mentioned recently that I found Journey Girl Dana on sale for half price! I had to get her. Seriously. Half price. It had to happen.

I was expecting to like her but I really think she is very pretty! Prettier in person than in photos I think!

She comes with glasses. As someone who has a pair of readers on her head all the time now, I respect that!

When I started to undress her I got a lovely surprise! I think Journey Girl has heard too many complaints about ink from clothing staining the dolls! Look, she has protective undergarments!!

No Stains! Even with the dark animal print! Not to mench, now I have a groovy muscle shirt for my boy dolls when I get moved and unpack them!

Then on the parts of the shirt that would've touched her skin despite the little protective shirt, they put in lining! Top notch Journey Girls!

The red skirt, certain to have been a possible stain problem, was also lined!

Then they gave her little plastic 'socks' to protect her feet from stains from her shoes. Great idea!

Which means her pretty feet were blemish free!

So I love her and then on top of loving her as a doll, I love that they took such great care to keep her nice. I didn't go through an entire 'review' of Dana, whom I renamed Scarlett (after a dear friends daughter who she reminds me of) because I recently got Susannah (Aka Kelsey) and did a mini review of her there. There are numerous reviews of Journey Girl dolls online and so I guess I feel like it would be superfluous to add another one. A great one can be found at The Toy Box Philosopher Dana Review and a great comparison between them and American Girl Dolls can be found Doll Diaries American Girl, Journey Girl and Australian Girl Comparison Blog. I mean, who can add anything to those two geniuses? I love to read their blogs and am so glad they write them!

I am stoked to have gotten Dana to add to my collection! Half price, how could I not?

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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