Monday, February 20, 2017

American Girl Doll Sized Workbench Goodwill Find!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Happy President's Day!! I hope this finds you looking forward to a great Monday with no mail. Kidding!! I have been waiting on something to come in the mail and so I am painfully aware of it not running today. I ordered a My Social Book for my PCR Facebook Page after I found out you could order them for 'fan pages'. I've always thought it might be fun to have my blog in 'paper' form, if only the photos, but when I looked into it it was crazy expensive given I have 480 posts when I post this one today. That's a lot of content. I honestly never wanted all the 'how to' photos, just the highlights as a memento. So, I ordered 2016 from my Facebook page and can't wait to see how my doll photos look in print! I'll come show the book to you the minute it arrives... In the meantime, I'll tell you of an amazing Goodwill score I found yesterday after church.

I found this work bench at Goodwill for $1.99! I'll be honest, I almost didn't buy it because I have so many doll things probably... but how could I not? Right?

Here is Josh Doll showing you the price sticker from Goodwill. Great price!!

Here is the workbench all stocked up with tools and other items... The Our Generation Woodworking Kit (I linked to a non-Target website because you can't buy the small accessory kits online from Target... Which I think is lame lame lame but I digress...) I got as a Christmas gift from my amazing friend Beth looks perfect on the work bench! I'd also picked up some 'tools' at thrift stores along the way and got the Home Depot tool box from Home Depot at Christmas time, it's a gift card holder but it holds nearly all the tools very well. (Only the saw won't fit)

So here we have Josh Doll getting ready to paint the Bird House he just made for Heather doll. 

Aren't doll sized items the most fun!! Have you found any great Doll items at the Thrift Store lately? I'd love to hear about your treasure hunts as well! 

Better run!
Happy Monday!