Friday, February 3, 2017

My Life As Accessories On Clearance!

Hi Doll Friends!

A couple of small doll finds from the last time I ran into town...

I went by Walmart and they had these three random stragglers in the bin with the My Life As Doll stuff... I wish I'd have found them right as they marked them down but I am happy to have gotten the three items I did for 50cents each! Especially the pink flip flops!

Then I ran by a thrift store and found these adorable little shells in a bottle!! They will be awesome for future beach scenes with the dolls! 

So just a few fun doll finds... What fun doll finds have you found lately?

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. Wow, what great prices. I found 3 darling mini (about 1") Japanese dolls from the Japan $ store. I need to post about them on my blog. They were $2 for 3.

    1. They sound adorable! Can't wait to see them! :)