Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our Generation Limited Edition Oriana

Greetings Doll Friends!!

So... Our Generation released two gorgeous Limited Edition Dolls last year. I saw them mentioned in a Doll Group I am in on Facebook or I might have missed that they were even made because I never saw them in a Target store myself. Like I say, beautiful... However, when released, they had a price point of $59.99 and I don't really let myself fancy too many dolls in that price range and so I kind of put it out of my mind and forgot about it. 

Untill... Someone mentioned they were half price on clearance now! (Actually one lady mentioned finding them in her Target for like $15 but I never find deals like that... Maybe go look at your Target though? You never know!) So... As you may have guessed... I ordered Oriana and she's on the way. I borrowed these photos from that gals posting so I could show you how pretty she is up close. Isn't she gorgeous?! Here is Oriana's link to look her over yourself on the website. The Our Generation Doll Website doesn't even mention them having been made, which I find odd? You'd think they'd say something about them being as they put so much effort into them in the details. Now I am fighting the temptation to also buy Aurelia! I mean, their outfits are amazing, they come in a cool collector tin box (that I could totally use two of for storage... Right?)... Listen to me talk myself into her. She's in my 'cart' on my phone so don't be surprised when I come back and report I've blown every last cent of my pocket money on picking her up. The problem is that I know when they sell out (they only made 3,000 of them each apparently if I am understanding correctly) I'll never see another one at this price again. The eBay hawkers already have them listed at crazy prices... That's one aspect of eBay that isn't my favorite but I guess that's what free trade makes possible too so I'll take the good with the bad, eh? 

So stay tuned for Oriana's arrival and I'll let you know if I cave and buy her sister Aurelia too... I'd say the likelyhood is in the 90% I just gotta discuss with my husband. Teehee...

Better run!

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