Monday, February 6, 2017

Hula Class in the Doll House!

Aloha Again Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in the post about the luau at the Doll House the reason Josh and Heather Doll wanted to throw the party is because Cat Doll wanted to give a Hula Dancing Class at the Doll House to any of the dolls who might be interested in taking it.

So after the luau, the guys moved the table out of the way and several of the girls took Cat up on her offer. In fact, so many girls wanted to try the class that there was barely enough room for all of them. Luckily they are all good friends and weren't shy about crowding in! 

Before the class Cat explained that a Hula class is actually called a halau and she, as the teacher is called the kuma hula and they, as students, are haumana... The Hawaiian language is so beautiful! Cat explained she developed a love of hula when she lived in Hawaii and carried it back to the mainland with her when she moved back to her home state. Finally, she decided it was time to turn her love into a passion and she joined a halau of her own... Since then, hula has become a part of her life that she isn't sure how she lived without! She couldn't wait to share her love of this beautiful art with her friends. 

She went on to explain that hula is a complex art form where there are many hand motions used to tell a the story that is customarily chanted in an oli or sung in a mele. The hand motions can express emotion such as fondness or yearning but can also be used to signify waves in the ocean or the wind in the trees. When the story is told, a beautiful dance happens as you tell the story. She also told them that what they were practicing was luna dance as they were standing. She said they might try some noho dancing sometime too, where you dance sitting down but that she'd start with the first kind since it was the kind most people thought of when they thought of hula dancing.

All of the girls wanted to wear a hula skirt like Cat had on but they are pretty hard to come by here in the middle of the Mainland. Cat said any clothes would do for the class but the girls all decided that they'd try their best to be 'uniform' and that some leggings and any sort of dance 'skirt' people had would be the 'theme'. Don't they all look adorable?

Hula is traditionally danced barefoot so you can see all thier slippers at the side of the class...

Everyone had so much fun!!

At first everyone was a bit timid but before too long, everyone was smiling and laughing when they'd miss a move... What a great class.

Heather and Oriana were almost too shy to even try at first... As you can see, they tucked themselves into the back of the class. Even they were feeling much less shy by the end of Cat's lesson.

It was decided mid-class that Cat would have to hold a class often so they could all learn better and put on a show for the other members of the Doll House! Cat was thrilled her friends were excited about joining her in her passion for this beautiful art form.  

It was kind of hard to get good photos but hopefully you can see how much fun everyone had. 

They also loved the music she played for it! She brought the CD of Kawaipunahele which was also one of Heather Doll's favorites. It has such beautiful songs and chants!! This one was particularly happy sounding. 

All too soon the class was over...

The members of the class were (from left to right): 
Noel Doll (My Life As), Frann Doll (LOTUS), Debbie Doll (OG), Nat Doll (AG), Cat Doll (LOTUS), Sueretta Doll (Adora), Heather Doll (Madame Alexander), Oriana Doll (OG) and Jacxine Doll (MA)

Heather, Cat and Jacxine have been friends for many years... So wonderful to get together!

Heather, Cat, Debbie and Noel all used to be neighbors in Wahiawa Hawaii and have felt like ohana ever since... Even though they all moved back to the mainland, the sweet years they spent in Hawaii will forever in their hearts. Arent' friends who become family the best? 

Better run!
Aloha Sweet Friends!

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