Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our Generation Limited Edition Aurelia Arrives At Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I have a cold right now so it was super nice surprise for my Our Generation Aurelia to be delivered today instead of tomorrow like I thought she would be.

Aurelia is definitely a case of a doll who's more beautiful out of the box. because I won't lie, her photos on Target website and photos I'd seen on Facebook Doll Fan Pages made her seem a bit otherwordly and perhaps a bit too much so to really fit in at the Doll House. However when Oriana  arrived and was so utterly beautiful, I decided I would bite the bullet and buy Aurelia too. Her outfit and the box would be worth the clearance price of $29.99 afterall...

I am so glad I did!! Here she is in the box she came in... I laughed that they sent her in such an oversized box but perhaps they just wanted to make sure the tin didn't get dinged up. Nice touch.

She was also wrapped in a plastic bag like Oriana was when she arrived. 

I knew I was glad I got her the moment I saw her little face in person the first time. She is so beautiful!!!

I know she's got quite a bit of makeup on for a little girl but if you've ever been to a ballet recital, you know stage makeup is intentionally dark and dramatic. Being as the outfit she is in could only be a dance recital costume, it makes sense she would have stage makeup on for her recital. She also has 'bronzer' on her shoulders... I think her costume looks like she's supposed to be some manner of Forest Fairy Folk or something, don't you?

Here she is in her box. Like Oriana, she came in a posh pink collector tin. 

I plan to use the tins as extra ways to carry the dolls when I take them out until I get more doll suitcases because I think they'd keep the doll very safe and secure. They will also make great storage boxes for doll accessories after I do get a few more doll suitcases too, eh?

It was super easy to get her out of the box once I took all the little circle 'tapes' holding her cardboard enclosure in. It was literally three snips of the scissors and out she came. 

"And she's out of the box!!" as they say on the Mommy & Gracie Show when they review a doll.

Here she is with Oriana. My husband and I both agree we think they have the same face sculpt... Do you think so? It's amazing how big a difference hair and makeup can make with regards to a doll's face sculpt huh?

One thing I love about these Limited Edition dolls is how poseable they are! Totally different than standard Our Generation Dolls and unlike any other Our Generation Doll in my collection so far. 

So she makes a really great ballet dancer. 

Can you see the bronzer on the back of her arms here?

I love the litlte butterflies on her headpiece!

Her face is so expressive!! 

I've decided to name her after my cousin who I've been searching for a doppelganger doll for because she really does favor her and my cousin lived in dance class from when she was little bitty! 

So Stephanie will be her name after my cousin who is next my junior on my father's side of the family. 

I think this photo is my favorite if those I took so far... Isn't her profile just striking? I love her beautiful hair too... Red and blond highlights and so long! I think I'll leave it in it's pretty fancy pony tail for a while because I doubt I'll ever be able to re-create it once I take it down. I haven't changed her out of her costume yet because her shoes are stitched to her tights and I got lazy... I am sure I'll change her into street clothes tonight and be back to show you how she looks soon. 

So... I have to say I think that these dolls are just an amazing deal for the $29.99 I got them for! I honestly won't even say I think they weren't worth the full price of $59.99 although perhaps they wouldn't have been to me personally. Perhaps I have a bit more tight doll budget than some people though. (I like to stretch my doll dollars as far as possible!! If you know what I mean?) They only made 3,000 of each doll so if you're wanting to get one, you might want to jump sooner rather than later while they still have them on the Target website. Once they are gone, eBay tends to make things even more expensive than original prices even. Nature of limited quanities I suppose... But for now, they are still up there (I just checked again and they both are as I am writing this).

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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