Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spring Cleaning In The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Recently my sweet sister-friend Frann sent me another amazing care package of beautiful doll clothes made by the amazing and talented Goofy, our favorite Doll Clothes Designer! The parcel arrived just in time for the Fashion Show in the Doll House and were featured in it. 

Also tucked into that parcel was this adorable vacuume cleaner!! It is perfetly sized for the dolls! It makes me grin when I look at it because it is just so clever and cute. Dolls have a house and houses have to be cleaned, right? It's handle is perfect in that you can put the dolls hand in it and it looks almost like she is holding it to push it along. So cute. 

Bernie Doll (Custom OG) volunteered to do the first go with it on the carpet. She really loves to tidy up and vacuuming is her favorite chore of all because she likes to leave the 'lines' and make it look just perfect. 

It works like a charm! It actually has a place in the bottom for batteries and I don't have the right sort but when I get some, I'll come back and let you know exactly what it 'does' when it it has batteries... 

Isn't it the cutest? What's neat is that the colors are perfect to match the Walmart Doll Kitchen we have in the Doll House. Matchy-matchy is always fun! So, thanks again Frann!!!!! You spoil me and the Doll House but we love all the sweet things you sent! (Oh! Lil's said to say she loves the soups!!) 

Since she'd cleaned the floor in the living room and bedroom, Bernie decided the kitchen may as well be next. 

I found this adorable little doll sized mop at the thrift store just this week for only 50cents! It is made to be a 'real' duster but was basically brand new I think it makes a perfect doll mop. Now all I need is a broom! Haha. Need. Ok... I suppose that's relative but... 

Better run!
Till next time!

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  1. I also think the vacuum cleaner is perfect for your doll house. If you put the battery and turn on it, it makes the real vacuuming sound, brrrrr. Not real vacuuming, but only sound. Haha. I took out the battery as I was worried about automatically switch on in the delivery box. Good to hear that Lils like the soup.