Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another Doll Make-over; Part Two

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Technical problems have abounded these past few days or this might've been posted here earlier. If you happen to have 'stopped by' this blog post for the first hour or so it was posted you probably found it a blog post of few words! Why? Because I had to resort to posting it 'wordless' from my phone in order to get it to post at all. For some reason my Blogger app on my iPhone don't seem to get along too well. So annoying! Oh well... As a person in my 40s I remember when such technology was strait out of Star Trek so I will stop complaining about occasionaly glitches. Haha! 

On to the dolls! As I mentioned in a recent post, I made over an Engel Puppen doll a while ago but forgot to finish the blog post after just posting the initial photos of the 'surgery' portion of the process. *giggles* So... Without further adieu, I happy present the made over doll!

Meet Ashbee! 

He loves biking so much he even has a bike on his shirt. 

I think he is such a handsome boy doll. 

Since I needed to take Ashbee's photos and also had this 'new' fishing pole I'd gotten as a thrift shop find it only made sense to kill two birds with one stone and have Ashbee model the new fishing pole. 

I'd gotten the adorable fish in the mesh bag in a prior Thrift Store haul and had wanted to either make or find a fishing pole since then. The 'box of lures' is a Christmas ornament I found at a thrift store as well but I can't seem to find when I got it in my past postings. It was in perfect shape when I found it buy my dog found it when it'd fallen off the shelf once and decided she liked fish too (she broke the little fish on the front of it, it was red, can you tell?) I was not too happy with her that day but... Such as life with dogs sometimes, eh?

I think the poles 'handle' is too big really and maybe the scale isn't perfect but all in all, it think it looks pretty spot on and adorable. I lived in Hawaii when I was in my early 20s and we sold HUGE fishing poles and reels in the sports department there and so I know there are large ones. Usually for deep sea fishing but... Hey... Good enough, right? Haha.

I am usually pretty picky about the modeling of my dolls when photographing, adjusting their clothes and hair and accessories with painstaking (think OCD) detail.... So I laughed as I was editing these last photos... Ashbee doll has a bit of a lazy eye sometimes. No big deal because you can just move it with your finger and set it to rights and it'll stay. However I didn't notice before I took the photos and so didn't adjust it. Phooey. However, then I re-thought it. I actually have a 'lazy eye' myself... Not noticable really to anyone who doesn't know me really well and see it sometimes. It's usually when I am super tired... Once in a blue moon it'll show up just a bit in photos. So.... After thinking on it, I think Ashbee having a lazy eye is kind of cool. We all have our own 'crosses to bear' after all, right?

I also recently got this adorable denim ensemble at The Flea Market Toy Booth for a couple bucks. It was rather dingy when I found it (not a lot of people wash their doll clothes I am finding and if they get played with they get a bit dirty) but I washed it and it came out pretty nice. So cute! It's being modeled by Jordan Doll and I think it reminds me just a little of the styles the new American Girl doll Tenney might wear. I really like that doll... I am not sure I want another AG but if I get one, she could be the one I want? I also think I might like to eventually get Logan but I will likely have to wait till they make more since from what I understand he is on back-order. (How could they not know he'd sell like Hot Cakes??! Silly!) 

Anyway, Jordan saw Ashbee with the fishing pole and wanted to learn to fish too!

Was no time at all before she had a fish of her own. Awesomeness!

Well, I better run! 
Till Next Time!