Friday, February 3, 2017

Oriana Arrived At The Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in my recent post I ordered the Limited Edition Our Generation Doll named Oriana about the moment I realized they'd marked her half price from her original $59.99. I'd read a review of her online and so expected she'd be pretty nice but nothing could've prepared me for exactly how top-notch everything would be! 

I think she is probably the most beautiful doll I've ever seen for only $30.00! Her outfit alone is probably worth the $30.00 because it's top notch! The metal tin box she comes in is very heavy and will be amazing for storage or even transporting dolls I think. Her head and arms are more poseable than standard OG Dolls. Her eyes are fixed (meaning they don't close) which is also different than standard OG dolls. I am pretty sure they made an entirely unique face scuplt for her as well! 

She arrived in an outter shipping carton and was in this sturdy plastic bag when I pulled her out of that box. 

You can't really tell from looking at the photo but she comes in a very sturdy tin collectors box... It's very heavy tin and will be great for storing doll items or perhaps even as a traveling box for dolls I take out on the go because they'd stay nice and safe in this tin for sure.

I thought she was pretty online and in photos but I was blown away by how pretty she really is in person!!

She looks almost like a doll I used to own in my collection a Vintage Suzanne Gibson-Reeves Lucy Locket doll because of her pale hair and bright blue eyes. I've since weeded out most all dolls from my collection that aren't the modern 18inch doll type though because my collection was quickly getting out of hand. Teehee. Having 'only' one sort of doll (I focus on 14-18inch play dolls) sort of keeps me out of trouble. Right?

Here is the lid of the tin which came opened so you can see the doll inside... Very pretty pink with yellow hearts all over it. 

As you can see Oriana comes with: 1 doll, 1 crown, 1 dress, 1 corset, 1 pair of undies, 1 pair of shoes, one Limited Edition certificate and 1 tin keepsake box.

Every aspect of her costume was very posh and well done. 

Unlike standard OG Dolls, Oriana can turn and tilt her head in all manner of cute poses. 

Her white dress has a 'peek-a-boo' panel in the middle so you can see her cute shoes as she walks. 

Speaking of her shoes, they are made as well as any American Girl doll brand shoes I've ever seen... Just perfect!

Her corset is made out of a sort of soft plastic and ties in the back. So unique!!

I think it'd look cool over other fancy dresses too...? I'll have to try it out on some soon...

After removing her crown, I turned it upside down from how it was displayed and I think it looked much more regal...

Here is a close-up of her corset ties.

The dress without the corset is still stunning!

I just couldn't stop taking photos of her... So pretty!

I changed her in to the beautiful white wedding dress I got as a gift from Frann because I thought it would suit her and I was so right... Doesn't she look pretty?

I then changed her into a more modern outfit but didn't get photos taken because my head cold insisted it was time I go to bed... However I did get some photos between the first two outfits of her unique body. Standard Our Generation Dolls are made very similar to American Girl Dolls in that they have a torso that is made out of fabric with vinyl arms, legs and head. Oriana is wholly different than that and more in line, I think, with dolls like a Carpatina doll or a Just Pretend Doll. Here are the photos:

She has an interesting torso... It looks like she does crunches every morning to stay in good shape! 

She came in undies and I left them on to keep her somewhat modest but....

She has the cutest little bottom!

All in all, I am so glad I brought Oriana home to the Doll House. I think she will fit right in! As I mentioned in the other post about her, I was, at the time, thinking of ordering her 'sister doll' Aurelia and, as you may have predicted, I totally did. She is supposed to arrive next Tuesday! I was excited to see her before I got Oriana but now I really can't wait because I know she'll be just as top notch and unusual. How fun!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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