Sunday, February 19, 2017

Picking Outfits For the Fashion Show!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

There has been a frenzy of excitement in the Doll House ever since Oriana had her great idea of putting on a Fashion Show in the Doll House! Since there are so many girls in the house and nearly all of them wanted to be a model, they decided to draw straws! The girls who didn't get lucky enough to draw the right straw decided to just be happy they'd get to enjoy their friends being the models... The girls who were lucky enough to get chosen decided they needed to do another show of some sort soon and they'd be the ones in the audience for that one. Isn't it nice to have good friends? 

So the next step after deciding upon the models was to have them pick their outfits!

Here are Alyssa and Sueretta deciding what they'd wear. 

Diane would be the lucky girl to model the beautiful wedding gown! She was so excited and more than a little nervous. She'd never been a model before!

Here Magdalene and Gebhardt are deciding...

Felicity, being new to the Doll House, decided she wanted to model a Prairie Dress and Bonnet... She had always wanted to be a frontier girl!! Alicia couldn't decide what to wear... So many choices and Goofy was such an amazing designer!! She eventually nailed it down to one she liked really well though.

Stay tuned for the big show!! 
Till Next Time!

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