Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Life As Doll "Day At The Beach" Accessories Set From Walmart

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Well, here we are, February 1st has arrived. I don't know about you but I know for myself and for many people I know and love, January is just a tough month. It's the month right after the holidays, it's cold, oftentimes people are kind of strapped for cash because they spent more than they usually do because of said holidays.. January just has a lot stacked against it I suppose, it's not it's fault really. Right? Either way, for good or for ill, it can be a struggle for some people. So... If you're one of those people (I am!)? Congratulations! You've successfully gotten through yet another one! Go us. Ok... So on to the dolls.

I was in Walmart the other day (I go in there a lot... Apparent?) and decided to see what little accessory sets they might have on hand. I've begun to realize that, with My Life As Doll items you have to buy them when you see them and look for them as often as you can because it's pretty hit or miss as to if they'll be in stock at all. That may be one of my only complaints about them honestly. I stop into different Walmarts two in different cities and and it's rather appalling the difference in selection depending on the store too. I digress... 

So they had several sets in stock that day but I decided to buy the "Day at the Beach" set because it's cold out and nothing sounds better than a little mini-break to the beack with a fruity drink right about now. Eh?

Here it is in the package. The six piece set includes: mirrored sunglasses (Oh. My. Cute!), an inflatable beach ball, a beach mat, cute pink flip-flops, 'sun lotion' and a fruity green drink with a straw. 

Here is the back of the package. I love the pineapple swimsuit the doll in the photo is wearing. Alas, as far as I can tell, the only way to get that swimsuit is to buy the doll it comes in and... Well... The Doll House has no shortage of inhabitants already so adopting another one just for a swim suit is a bit much I suppose. 

Then, back in November of last year, my sweet husband bought me a few suprise outfits for my Birthday. I wrote about one of them in my post about Heather Doll's Birthday Slumber Party. I hadn't even tried it on a doll yet because it was a summer outfit but I thought this would be the perfect time!

Here are the three outfits he bought me at the time... They do make such cute doll clothes!

Cheers!! Gebhart (Our Generation) and Susannah (Journey Girls) were happy to be models today because they got to play around on the beach! Not a bad day's work, that! 

Here is a snapshot of a cute display at Walmart when I went... 

The other side of the display... I really like the little scooters... Might have to get one of those someday. I already have two doll beds but I were shopping for a third, I think the My Life As Doll one is cute. You can buy more than one and stack them to make bunk beds. How cute is that? 

Better run! Have you seen any cute sets in your Walmart lately?
Till Next Time!


  1. The USA is very well stocked for dolly items. Here in Canada we are practically bereft, but improving year by year. I love to see the items which you post. I love the background scene too!
    I'm very weird; I LOVE Mondays and I LOVE January! To me it's a fresh start, and I usually get tons of things accomplished in this month. To me it feels like the longest month in the year. I just LOVE it. LOL

    1. Hi Loretta! Indeed, I begin to think the market for doll items is a bit 'too healthy' because they keep making adorable doll items and I keep not being able to pass them up. LOL I was a SAHM for like a decade and during that time we had to pinch every penny until it screamed. Now that my kids are older and I am working outside home again, I have a bit more mad money and I tend to direct every cent to my dolls. Everyone has thier passion right? I am glad to hear that Canada is coming round to getting more Dolly items! There is a market for them everywhere if my little blog's visitors is any indication. Dolls are loved the world over! Of course they are! :) Have a great day! Thanks for comments! They always make me smile even if I don't make it to the actual computer to answer them as quickly as I'd like to.

  2. Aha! We in Korea are the same as Loretta. It is not popular to see doll items at the shops. Even though I can find some at Toysrus, they are childish and low quality. The reason that I am into Heather' collection is that I can not see them in Korea. Haha.

    1. Well I am so glad you're here my sister friend! <3 Our friendship is the best thing that has happened for me from having written this little blog. <3 <3 <3

  3. Well, at least we can encourage each other in our passions! And it's wonderful to have the FB pages too. I love to see photos and what everyone collects. And also how it's arranged.

    1. Amen Loretta! I love having ya'll as doll friends and having the groups on Facebook. Sharing ideas, seeing other people be enthusiastic about the same things I am, it's so lovely! <3