Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Doll Make-Over; Part One

Hi Doll Friends!!

I just found this posting in my drafts collecting cobwebs and forgotten about... Ooops. I hate it when I do that. I apparently started telling you the story of the makeover and forgot to come back and finish the story! So we will call this a Part One and I'll take some photos of the "After" dolly and come back with a Part Two soon.

I'd found this cute Engel Puppen Doll at Goodwill last year and loved her sweet little face sculpt...

As you may be beginning to see, I really don't like the 'soft body, 'shoulderless' body type for dolls... So she had just kind of sat on a shelf since I'd found her because I don't really use dolls with that body type for models for blog posts becasue they simply can't stand or sit correctly. So when I found this Our Generation Doll with hair that was a tangle fest and with a face sculpt and eye/hair color combination I have several of already, I knew it was time to give the Engel Puppen doll a new body and a new lease on life. 

Ironically enough, I also never really cared for her wig (so 1980s!) either... So after her body transplant, I kept looking at her, trying to puzzle out the doll she was meant to be. Then it struck me! She would make a really handsome and adorable boy! When I first got her, I'd just become friends with my friend Patti like six months before and I'd decided she needed a Doppelganger Doll in the Doll House. So when she arrived, given she had brown hair and brown eyes like Patti, my first inclination was to assign her as Doppelganger Patti. Since then though, I found a Doppelganger Patti that looks much more like her. So, having given up that idea, changing her into a boy doll made perfect sense! So, I removed her wig and glued on a boy one... I'll have to come back in Part Two for the Great Reveal! 

Till Next Time!

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