Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walmart 18" "My Life As" Madame Alexander Yoga Doll

Greetings Doll Friends!!

I always think January will be a vast landscape of time and nothing to do... Seriously, every year as I am in the "busy" that is the Christmas Season, I think "Ah, but next month I have hardly any plans at all!" I suppose it's a little lie I tell myself so I can keep going during those busy days! Haha! The truth is that January is no less busy than any other month, it's just colder and harder to get around. 

Also, every January  for the past three (four?) years has me looking forward to my church's annual women's retreat. It's 36hrs of hanging out with my church sisters, eating, laughing, crying, listening, crafting, singing, worshiping, and praying with (this year) over 80 women from my church. Trust me, it's awesome. Anyway, this year my pastors wife asked me to read some of my poetry for the variety show. She asked a week before! Which luckily didn't allow time for me to get nervous about reading my poetry in front of 80+ women! But I wanted to write a new one for it and, what can I say, that consumed all writing time for that week.... It was seemingly well received though so, time well spent! I have it posted on my other blog if you're curious. I'll get on laptop later (am on phone, drinking coffee) and post proper linky but here is address:

Now! Back to the dolls! I haven't totally neglected my hobby in my absence! I have SO much to catch up on!!

I'll start with this beauty!! I found her at Walmart about two weeks ago! There were actually two, she and her twin. Now, if you are familiar with Walmart's "My Life As" dolls, you'll be on to why I am so excited to find this one at Walmart. The line used to be manufactured by Madame Alexander... In recent years, I think since 2012(?), they've been produced by CitiToy (I think, I will check and make sure I am recalling correctly and come back and change if wrong)

So the likelihood of my finding a Madame Alexander produced doll at an actual Walmart is slim to nill! You can sometimes find on eBay or Amazon, new in box, but not for the $28.00 they charge for them at Walmart!

She wasn't on clearance or anything, just rang up at the standard "My Life As Doll" price. Which was fine. I imagine they must've been returned? 

I am pretty sure I've mentioned before but there are a few things in my life that are the "cornerstones" of what I am about. The first is Jesus. I live for Him, as best I can. The second is my family, my husband and kids. Those are the top two of course... Coming in at third and fourth we have a tie. Dolls and yoga! I do yoga every day, not a lot (20mins average) and I love collecting, writing about, sewing for and just playing with dolls!

So when I found a YOGA Madame Alexander, well, it had to be mine. 

Interestingly enough, despite her being a Madame Alexander doll, this dolls hair is likely some of the worst doll hair I've ever had come strait out of the box?! I even deliberated taking her back! I am too in love with her outfit and her beautiful blue eyes to do that though... It's dreadful though. More on it later because I am sadly out of time!! I am going to keep her but suspect I'll likely trim her hair to shoulder length in hopes that it will look and act better. Or perhaps a permanent braid... Hmmm...

Till next time!!


  1. Hi! Heather, Happy double happy to see you again. I guessed that you must have been busy in church. Though, I was worried if you lost interest in dolls. I do not want to lose my dear doll friend who has wide knowledge about dolls and the same hobby with me. 18 inch doll arrived at my house. I would like to show her to you soon.

    1. Hi Frann! Your comments really do mean so much to me! Thanks for encouragement! Winter kind of gets me down in the dumps and it helps motivate me to drag self to computer and post blog because I now feel like I am sitting down to coffee with my friend Frann and chatting excitedly about our dolls! Have you photo'd your newest? I'd love to see!! Love you to bits friend! XXOO