Friday, August 5, 2016

Souvenirs From Lied Lodge Adventure!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I realized recently I forgot to post these photos from the day the girls went to Lied Lodge!

They had such a good time at the Lied that they came home and made tea and talked about it...

They traced on the map where they'd walked...

While they were there they decided they needed some souvenirs. So they found this set of charms to make knecklaces out of! 

(**I actually got them at Walmart on the way home. Teehee.)

It was perfect that there was one for all of them that was "tree" related! A leaf, and acorn and a leaf...! Plus the other charms will make cute knecklaces for other dolls too. Fun!

They also each found a pine cone! See? 

They had tea but also had a few sodas... Why not after walking all those trails!

What a fun day they had!

The girls can't wait to make knecklaces out of their charms! 

That's it for now friends!
Till next time!

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