Friday, August 5, 2016

Vintage Doll Kitchen At Goodwill

Hi Doll Friends!

I went to Goodwill the other day... And saw this neat vintage doll sized kitchen! It's the more modern version of my own vintage metal kitchen. I have been needing a 'kitchen sink' for my kitchen for a long time... I've made something that works but have been on look-out for an actual doll sized kitchen sink.. So when I first saw this I snatched up the 'sink' one and put it in my cart...

However, after walking around with it for a few minutes, thinking about it, I decided not to get it. I wasn't super fond of the 'Lil Bo Peep' motif it had and it cost $5.99. I know that Walmart's My Life As Doll line is coming out with a kitchen sink soon... This one had no storage and was kind of on the rusty side... So... I put it back. *gasp* I know! I didn't buy it! Are you shocked? I can sometimes turn down doll sized items afterall... 

Still, it was fun to see the more modern version of my own play kitchen. Mine was my mom's when she was young and so it's got a sentimental attachment to it.... I only have the stove and fridge though... So I think the new kitchen sink I plan to get eventually from Walmart will work just great. 

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. Oh, man...I would have snapped up both the sink AND the stove if these would have been at my thrift store! Too cute. I personally love the nursery rhyme graphics--so vintage and adorable. Good for you on resisting, though!

    1. Dear Angela, I also visited your blog and enjoyed your adorable doll collections. Wow! how wide the doll world is! Thank you for showing your beautiful dolls.

  2. The sing and the stove remind me of a TV program, the King of Restoration. The owner, Rick, recreated so many kinds of old things including toys. If they were cleaned and repainted, they would be cute. You are the same as Rick. I'd like to call You "Queen of Doll Rebirth" LOL.