Saturday, October 22, 2016

Another Doll Body Transplant At The Doll House!

Hi Hi Hi Doll Friends!!

Recently I did a makeover of a Heidi Ott Doll where I totally replaced her doll body with a different one that was more poseable. Since I've made her over, I simply adore her! I've made over other dolls that I loved the face scuplt but who'd been manufactured with less poseable bodies. I mean, the less poseable ones are great if you, for instance, want to sleep with your dolly. It would would make them much more snuggly... But when it comes to standing and posing and being in doll scenes, it means they sit on the bench most of the time rather than getting in the action! I couldn't have that because these dolls are often named after friends and loved ones and they need to be able to participate in all the doll fun! Right? 

I've done a few other body transplants too but can't seem to lay my hands on the blogs... I need to be better at tagging them. Oy! I wasn't really super TypeA about making 'tag lines' when I first started blogging and now I feel almost like I need to go through every single post and fix them. However, let's get real, if I do that I'll never post another new blog post! So I will, I suppose, try and fix them as I go forward at least. Rambling... 

So I have decided to 'upgrade' all my poor 'benched' dolls with 'more poseable' bodies as I found them at thrift stores. When I replaced the Heidi Ott body, I was on a roll and replaced my German Puppenhaus dolls body with a Springfield doll one. It's kind of a lower quality body (the Springfield) and I'll probably replace it with an OG body when I find another one cheap but for now she is much more poseable than she was... next for her? A new wig! Cos this one is good quality but so 1990 style wise and she'd look so much pretttier with different wig. Naturally I gave the cast off body to the Springfield head.

Here they are 'pre-op'. 

It really is a shame that the Engle Puppe dolls bodies won't pose well because they've got cute legs and arms... But they won't sit well and won't stand well (or at all) without a stand. 

As with a lot of higher end dolls, they have neck strings instead of zip ties. 

Mid-operation. Sorry, I always have to take a photo because it always, every single time, makes me giggle as I hear the line "Off with their heads!" from Alice in Wonderland. 

Here they are post-op. 

I donated the Springfield/Engel-Puppen doll hybrid to the Goodwill... perhaps she'll make a toddler or younger child a good first dolly...? As for my new Engel-Puppen/Springfield hybrid custom, I love her. She looks so much cuter in the same outfit she had on before, doesn't she? 

Here she is with my last body transplant success... These two were the models in my recent posting about the doll bike I found at Goodwill. They looked so pretty in the sunshine! 

Till Next Time!

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