Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Happens When I Discover Panorama Button On My Iphone

Greetings Doll Friends!

So, a lot of ya'll are probably going to laugh at me for having just 'discovered' the panoramic button on my iPhone. I guess I've noticed it before but, being as I wasn't in market to sell my home, I couldn't see any real or practical application for it, I never used it at all.

Until the other day when I was taking photos and accidentally set it to that setting and took a very strange photo. However, it made me see the panorama button in a whole new light!

With panorama setting, I can take a really neat photo of the doll room and get a lot of the little details of the room that you'd miss in a standard photo! Awesomeness!

This was my very first attempt to do one and it looked kind of 'Twilight Zone' so I decided to keep it. 

On this one, I even left it where you can see 'outside of the Doll House' into the 'real world. Just thought the perspective was fun. 

I love how it get's every single detail into the photo! 

I had to try a few group photos! It's very difficult, with regular photo, to get all their faces into the shot, someone is always half hidden. In this photo, Ariel is a bit hidden but otherwise, you can see most everyone!

So I moved her around and now you can see every single doll in the photo! I'd like to say I have all the dolls in this photo but the Doll Sorority has gotten so large, it is harder to do! I think I'll set them all up and take a panorama of them soon but... For now, here's a lot of the gang!

I even had three up on the top bunk and tried getting them in the shot but couldn't pull it off without showing the top and over the 'wall' to the Dollhouse. Phooey!

Ok, I'll stop. I am thinking there will be lots of panoramic photos in my Doll House future! Look, you can even see the little dolls in the dolls' dollhouse! Sweet!

See you next time! 

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